Tarot, baby!

This isn’t your mom’s tarot. Gone are the spooky premonitions, weird shawls, and hefty price tags. This is tarot for self-care. Not the super-indulgent, hyper-self-obsessed kind. The good kind. The bit that makes a real difference to your mood and hopefully your life. It’s fun. It’s light. It’s tarot. For newbies, welcome! For season readers, hiya babe! I can’t wait to work with you.

Speaking of work, I like to do things a little differently. My readings are almost all remote and very much for the 21st Century tarot-curious babe.

how it works:

You will choose from the session types and then fill in a booking form. I will get back to you over email and the consultation will begin with some follow-up questions. Whether you’d like to do these over Skype, Facetime, or just good ol’ email, I’m there for it. You’ll also choose from one of four designer decks, or you might opt for the classic Rider-Waite deck. After this, I’ll do the reading in my own time, but within three days. You’ll then receive your very own interactive webpage with your reading’s results.

We’ll then do another chat to clarify any questions or comments you might have to add after your reading. Ta-da! Your reading is done…but your page happily lives on! Your webpage was designed for future references and additions, so every reading you do will build on from the next. That said, if you ever want your page removed, I can do it in a jiffy.

It’s a new way to do tarot, and I’m obsessed with it. It makes referencing a cinch and allows me to give a truly contextual reading as your questions are mulled over for much longer than traditional readings. This is what empathy-centered, tech-positive looks like. I love it and I hope you will, too. Need more info? Just scroll down. If you’re ready to look at the avilable sessions and book, just click this button:


why tarot?

Tarot as it is today has its history in a deck of playing cards from 15th Century Europe. Trés chic. A few hundred years later, occultists began to imbue the cards with meaning beyond their humble beginnings. In France, cartomancers came into vogue and we saw the likes of Marie Anne Lenormand - card reader to Napoléon, nogal. The deck most people recognize as ‘tarot’ is called the Rider-Waite deck illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith and created by Arthur Edward Waite with publisher Rider. It’s still widely in use by tarot readers and practitioners, but there are many ways to use the deck and read the results. Some use the deck for what they believe to be divination, others as a helpful guide and voice to feelings they know themselves to have already.

Why me?

Tarot came to me while I was working at Rider in 2017. As the original publishers of the famed Rider-Waite tarot cards, working there felt like being a part of tarot history. After doing some publicity work on the witchy books of two beautiful souls - Emma Lucy Knowles and Gabriela Herstik - I decided to give tarot a tentative go. I grabbed a deck, began reading ‘The Book of Tarot’ by another Rider author, Danielle Noel, and there I was off. I got hooked. Fast.

Tarot became my new favourite personal care ritual. It helped me get through the fog of changing countries and careers and a bunch of the other ups and downs you come across in your twenties. One thing it never did was predict my future. I don’t practice divination and instead prefer to use the tarot as a tool to give my voice to my thoughts through ancient archetypes embedded in the card’s images. It’s less ‘crystal ball’ and more ‘procedurally-generated narrative.’ I also don’t believe in ‘bad’ cards or ‘bad’ readings. Tarot should above all else be a fun way to unwind and give yourself solutions to questions you’d pose to friends over cocktails. When a reading stops being fun it stops being useful.

After doing regular readings like this for myself and friends, I saw that there was a calling for this modern, empathy-centered brand of tarot that didn’t pretend to be more than it was. Engerising and empowering, albeit in a low-key way. If this sounds like the tarot for you, reach out to book a session. I look forward to meeting you!

Before you buy

Types of questions you can ask the tarot: Where is this all going? How do I move forward from this point? Why do I feel like this? Why do feel drawn to/away from this? What would help me further my career? What can I do to attract big, positive changes in my life? What do I need to hear right now?

Types of questions that don't work as well with tarot: Questions that ask for dates, as in 'When will I meet my soul mate?' Questions that ask whether or not you should do something, as in 'Should I change careers?' Like the above, questions like this can't be answered satisfactorily because they don't give our consciousness room to project our inner thoughts onto the card’s meanings. Questions that ask for guidance better trusted with a registered counselor or therapist. 

Price list

First individual session / R350

Includes a consultation, a modern reading with the tarot deck of your choice, a dedicated web page for your results that can be added to in future, as well as a worksheet for further meditation.

Readings happen seven days a week. Please fill in this form to book.

Follow-up individual session / R200

Applies to all future appointments with clients who have had their first individual session. Includes a consultation, a modern reading with the tarot deck of your choice, results added to your dedicated web page, as well as a worksheet for further meditation.

Readings happen seven days a week. Please fill in this form to book.

Tarot reading and private yoga class / R750

If you’re in Cape Town, treat yourself the wellness way with an hour-long personalised flow with a guided mediation before your one-on-one reading. Your reading can be uploaded to a dedicated web page for an extra R150. I’m available to fly out for clients in other parts of South Africa, but expenses apply.

Reading and yoga sessions happen seven days a week. Please fill in this form to book.

Groups + Parties + Events / POA

Includes shorter, one-on-one consultations and readings for guests/attendees as well as teepee setup. Please fill in a booking form for a quote.