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You’ve found a collection of content created for people who want conscious, honest, and in-depth stories about things that matter to their everyday - always free from ego and ditz, and forever heavy on compassion. Through weekly posts, it aims to address assumptions on what deserves serious study, viewing video game releases, lipstick choice, and sex toy trends through fields like ethnography, anthropology, and psychology.

It talks with not for and not down to its readers; believing that the people reading features are at least as smart as the people writing them. It’s not for everyone, but it might well be for you.

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Hello. My name’s Aléz Odendaal, and I’m a writer and yoga teacher living in Cape Town. I’m also the proud editor and creator of toofufu. This is my baby -where I write what I like. It’s also a lot more. From here, you can hire me for editorial work, book a yoga session, shop skincare, and join a network of creatives working towards a kinder South Africa. Don’t be a stranger - scroll, click, or contact me for more.


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Hiring a freelancer can be scary. You don’t always know what you’re going to get, when you’re going to get it, or how much it’s going to cost you. You might feel it’s easier to stick with what (or who) you know, even if it means the work doesn’t meet your exacting standards. I understand. But all of that ends now.

After eight years in the media industry, working with dozens of clients on projects big and small, I have the professional and inter-personal skills it takes to exceed your expectations. Hire me for your every editorial need - always at an affordable rate.


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