Hey, boo!

Last weekend I did a somewhat panic-stricken Instagram takeover of Lulu&Marula's lovely feed. Day one babes might remember I did an 'Ally' post on this kick-ass, woman-run small skincare company, last year. 

If you weren't around then, that's cool.  I'm not like Drake, I like new friends. To get you up to speed, L&M have a groovy cruelty-free line of skincare products for a range of skin types. They specialise in marula (no guesses there), but my favourite ingredient of theirs is neroli (orange blossom)- they just use it so beautifully. Totally in love with neroli post-L&M. 

Also, they're pro-oil so I'm pretty pro them for life. Right, so, L&M approached me to do a takeover of their account, and I, being the very chic, demure and cool person that I am, said 'OHGODYESPLEASE!' 

And so, probably after a cautious pause, L&M sent me some wonderful goodies to try out and use to share my #LuluAndMe story with their followers.

I used the Balancing Cleansing Bar, and Energising Body Balm to talk about my gym beauty ritual, the Balancing Cleansing Balm to talk about proper makeup removal, and the Purifying Mask and Polish, as well as the Purifying Treatment Oil to chat about Sunday self-care rituals (#SelfCareSunday, after all). 

Check out the gallery below for all the juicy deets. If you also want to my cool demeanour and sparkling wit on your Instagram feed, pop me a mail at hello@toofufu.com and we'll talk. Shoutout to L&M for the rocking skin treats, and for hosting me! 

P.s. L&M have a baller self-care ritual page if you're interested - and you should be.

P.s.s. L&M's products are cruelty-free, and 100% vegetarian, while some products contain beeswax.

The products pictured here were sent to toofufu at the brand's expense. Please make educated decisions with your purchases.