Hello, darlings. 

How've ya been, sugar boobs? Sorry. I should stop writing these so late at night, hopped out on watermelon and fresh from checking my menstrual cycle tracker. That old excuse, then.

Today I'm writing to you about my recent trip to LUSH at the Waterfront. It was, as per usual, amazing. And with Christmas cheer in the air, it's probably the most Santas's-workshop-esque as it's going to get for adults south of the Equator. But I actually went on a mission to collect mine and G's free 'Error 404' bath bombs, courtesy of LUSH South Africa. I'll tell you more about that in a bit. But first, a quick run-down of my other (somewhat guilty) purchases. 

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream (R95/100ml)

I think in the 'States and in Europe, this little guy is part of a Halloween collection. We don't celebrate the spooopy holiday much around these parts, so I guess Lord of Misrule got bumped to the Christmas collection. Look, I'm not complaining. I've wanted to try this beauty after following the #lush tag with barely contained torment. Like Ariel said in the 1989 Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, 'When's it my turn'. It was worth it's weight in wiggle - Lord of Misrule is a green prince of sickly-sweet lovely.  If you thought that was a case of bad grammar, I'm a little sad. Please come hang here more often and get more antiquated with your skincare BFF??? Me. The BFF is me. Want the other half of this heart necklace? Anyone?

Cup O'Coffee Mask (R160/150g)

So, I've probably used enough samples of this to fill a zillion tubs. I thought the time was way overdue for me to buy a life-sized product so I could stop the fine spray of shame that had begun to loom over my trips to LUSH. Why this babe? Well, there's just nothing quite like it to make my skin feel bright and clear after a night of heavy makeup. Currently I'm using it much more than any one person should given that it's an exfoliator, but I just can't help myself, okay? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Error 404 bath bomb (R69.50)

Back to the matter at hand. LUSH recently brought out this limited edition bath bomb in aid of the Digital Fund, which supports 'AccessNow and grassroots digital activism' - as the organic beauty queens said on their website. This means that LUSH has joined the #KeepItOn campaign which is working towards the protection of digital rights. What? Why? How? 

You see, the internet isn't the same for all of us. Many people currently experience restricted access to parts of the web that we take for granted. Social media, for instance. Now while I mostly use social media to send out passive-aggressive tweets and trawl looking for cat photos, social media is an important tool in mobilization and communication. Many believe access to it (and other sections of the internet that are carefully policed) is a human right, given it's profound potential for good. 

It's these rights that LUSH's Digital Fund help to defend, helping to democratise the internet by increasing its accessibility. Three strong cheers of 'Hurrah!' God, when last did you hear that word?

Anyway, if this cause has, as  they say in my more yoga-ish circles, resonated with you, please do pop out to your nearest LUSH and grab a 404 bath bomb. Plus it's always dope when doing good also makes you smell pretty, right? Right. It's also available to buy online, so you've got no excuses. Unless you're #BlackFriday broke, or the rather less glamorous, just #broke. When that's the case, check out my tips for buying LUSH on a student budget. It totally applies even if the only thing you study is your pores in a magnifying mirror. 

But, I digress. Hit up LUSH for LOADS more on #KeepItOn, and take a gander at AccessNow's phenomenal work. 

Right, outtie!