I was once at an event, playing social media bunny for a magazine I worked for at the time. This kinda-douchey dude walked up with a camera the size of my upper body, leaned over, and said, 'Everyone's a photographer these days.' You see, he was referring to the snaps I'd been taking for Twitter et al. But, like, yes. So what if everyone is? No, not everyone has a kushy sum to spend on equipment, but a lot of us can afford a phone - which is why more people are sharing their perspectives today than ever before. 

Why do I need to wait for a tired white dude to tell me a story about a makeup event? I have the means to make my own story in my goddamn hand, dude! It's liberating AF. If anyone tries to pull this with you, call bs. Or better yet, ask them for tips. You'll have to put up with a dash of smug, but they'll probably be caught off guard, let down some walls, and hell, you might both learn something. But that's just the meditation talking. You could also just yell, 'NOT TODAY, SATAN!' and back out the room. 

Anyway, if you're all up for the democratisation of media, but you need just a biiiiit of help when it comes to editing your shots, here's a list of great apps to work with, and how I use them. Let me know if you have any app or editing suggestions in the comments, boo!


Snap your not-yet-Insta-worthy pic. 1) Now it's time for A Color Story where I shop for the best filter (generally from the 'Flashes of Delight' pack), and add light effects and bokeh if I'm feeling up to it. A Color Story is ah-mazing, but it does charge you for filter packs above and beyond their essential starting line-up. But the essentials are pretty awesome, so even if you don't want to part with cash, you can definitely still make do. Plus you only buy the packs you want, and I don't think I've ever paid over R60 for a set. 2) Snapseed train! All aboard the Snapseed train! This baby is a godsend, mostly because you don't have to apply changes to the whole picture. Instead you use your finger like a brush to add effects where you want them. Use the dodge feature to make your whites ultra-white if you're the minimalist type, or use it to make your subject's eyes pop when you circle the dodge over their irides (the colourful bits of the eye). You can also turn up the saturation, and change the exposure and so on - all for free! 

2.5) Moving on, you now might want to go to Facetune or Facetune 2 if you have a spot you don't want to share with the world, or if the lighting or filter has made your teeth look yellow. It's good to draw some lines on what you will and won't 'shop, though. You're gorgeous as-is, so don't edit your body away 'cause it happened not to be picture-perfect when you took the photo. Plus both versions of the app have a pay gate, so it serves your wallet to love your body! 3) Cool, now, if your shot is in need of some clarity, Afterlight is a fantastic free app for you. It's also where you'll add any borders to your pic if that's your thing. 3.5) Think your work could use some words? Over's a good way to go. There's an annual membership fee for a lot of the features, but if you love to add quotes or artwork to your 'grams, this guy is your best go-to. Disclosure: I know a bunch of the guys working on Over (they're kick-ass, btw). 4) You're done, baby, done!