Birthday Tarot Spread

cut through mixed emotions and find some inner calm with this hyper-cute, three-card tarot spread.

Birthdays are a mixed-bag, aren’t they? There’s a bit of looking back, a bit of looking forward. Pissed when some didn’t remember, touched when others did. A lot of longing, enough of wanting, and possibly too much sugar. Then there are those birthdays that act as litmus tests for how your life is going; the ‘big picture’ stuff. You’ll notice you’re not as far as you wanted to be. Not quite as healthy or successful or kind. These birthdays are plump and bruised with fresh disappointment, ringing in an urgent new meter by which to measure our shortcomings.

Because birthdays in adulthood become so fraught with pressure, nostalgia, and a holistic sense of existential dread, I truly admire anyone with the courage to rally up excitement for them. People who say things like, ‘It’s my birthday week!’ are the fucking best. They are our unsung heroes; people who can look at the state of the world, stare impending non-existence square in the face, and still muster the energy to throw a cocktail party. Champions.

I turned twenty-eight yesterday. This means my best angle is now officially one where I’m reclined (ha ha, gravity!) and in full possession of all available light in the surrounding atmosphere. To help ease a habit of anxious over-thinking on my birthday, I used this special tarot spread. It helped me cut through the bs and tune into what I already think and feel is the best way to harness my strengths and address my weaknesses to make twenty-eight a solid year in a okay-ish repertoire.

I hope it helps you, too! And remember - no one in the world can tell you your future. Tarot cards are just playing cards we’ve imbued with meaning to aid us in understanding what we already know but might not have the words to express or sequencing to fully ‘get.’

the spread

Tools: A tarot deck, and this customizable worksheet.

Theme: How to make the most of the upcoming year.

1. For this reading, start by giving your deck a thorough face-down shuffle. I like to do this by placing the cards in front of me, then spreading them out and - very professionally - smooshing (?) them together in different orders. This will give cards the opportunity to be placed back in the deck in reversed order. Shuffle for at least two minutes like this while trying not to look unhinged to any given bystander.

2. Once your cards are shuffled, remove the top three cards and lay them out, face-down in front of you. Place the rest of the pack aside.

3. Now is the time to turn over your cards. The first card you turn over represents your strengths. The second, your weaknesses. And finally, the third card is the tool you’ll use to maximise your strengths and work through your weaknesses. Write the names of your cards on your worksheet.

4. Look at each card in turn. Without reading up any further, first take a mental note of how the imagery makes you feel, and what it brings up for you.

5. Next you’ll use your favourite source to look up each card’s meaning. I’m a big fan of Danielle Noel’s The Book of Tarot, and Biddy Tarot’s online resources. Write a summary of each card’s meaning on your worksheet.

6. After you’ve thought of how each individual card relates to your life, try thinking of the ways they relate to each other. Write any takeaways in your worksheet.

7. Lastly, shuffle your three cards back into your deck and finish the reading in whatever way feels best for you. Use your worksheet in the upcoming weeks to return to your findings and intentions. This is a good way to consolidate your learnings and find how they can work for you IRL. Now go enjoy your birthday, gorgeous.