A DNA Test, But For Your Skin

dna test for your skin

This post originally appeared on Beauty South Africa.  

We’re all amateur detectives here at BSA, and I’d bet you all are, too. Whether we’re on the trail of next hottest ingredient, or we’re trying to solve a skincare crime scene (a.k.a. acne, fine lines, dullness), we’re always busy doing mental gymnastics trying to put the clues together. But what if you could take the guesswork out of skincare? What if you could take a test that magically told you what your skin needed and why? Well, no magic needed, babe. Science has your back.

Optiphi (science-first skincare experts) gave me the chance to peek into my DNA and see what it forebodes for my skin’s future. The DNA tests are available in two options: A) DNA Skin: Delivers results focusing on your genetic risk factors specific to skin, and include personalised recommendations of Optiphi skin products and treatment plans. B) DNA Skin Plus: Delivers results focusing on your genetic risk factors specific to skin, nutrition and lifestyle to ultimately improve your skin holistically. In other words, option B is a more -comprehensive version of option A.

I went with option A, and my results came as an emailed report two weeks after a simple swab test. The report details a list of areas that are a concern to you, and divides these into ‘low-‘, ‘medium-‘ or ‘high-‘ priority. My low-priority areas were ‘sun sensitivity and pigmentation’, ‘protection from oxidative stress’, and ‘detoxification and skin sensitivity’. Of more concern was ‘firmness and elasticity,’ ‘sun damage protection and repair,’ and ‘inflammation’. I didn’t have any high-priority areas on my report. Optiphi also sent on skincare recommendations tailored to my test. How cute?

Now, I knew that getting my hands on these results would be good, but I was genuinely taken aback by the potential that lay in my results. Armed with these, I could jump a few steps ahead of any upcoming skincare issues, rather than trying to fix them after they’ve happened. This also means that if I chose to speak to a dermatologist about my skin in the future, I could take my results with me to the consultation, where they can help my chosen professional make a more informed choice.  You can obviously also talk your results through with an Optiphi-trained therapist, which is strongly recommended.  So many choices! So much potential!

I still had a few questions after the report came in, so an Optiphi expert was on hand to answer my questions. See them below, along with any details on how to get your own DNA test ASAP.

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