Easy-as-Pie DIY Massage Candle

Maybe cause it’s Sunday, maybe cause you have a date coming up, or because a long winter has left your elbows drier than the Kalahari.

Here’s my go-to recipe for a juicy, moisturizing massage candle that’s hella quick and inexpensive to make, with the added benefit of being super-customizable. Looking for ingredients and tools? I got mine from Essentially Natural. They are a must-browse if you haven’t shopped with them already.


A small pot or saucepan

A heat-proof glass bowl

A short, clean glass like these gorgeous ones from Banks Kitchen Boutique

Candle wicks

One washing peg (weird, but true)


Two cups of warm water

60mg of soy wax chunks

30mg of grapeseed oil

25mg of capuaca butter (can be subbed for Shea butter)

A tablespoon of sunflower oil

A few drops of Vitamin E oil

A few drops of the essential oils. Rose, lavender, and sandalwood makes for a traditional and lovely blend, but get creative - fennel and bergamot are a beautiful mix as long as you’re not too heavy-handed with the fennel.


Pour the warm tap water into the pot, then place the glass bowl in the middle. Put the pot on the stove on a low heat. Leave that for a short while, in the meantime chopping the soy wax chunks into smaller pieces. When the chopping is done, drop the wax into the bowl. The heated water surrounding the bowl will start melting this down. Next add your grapeseed oil, capuaca butter, and sunflower oil. Lower the heat if it looks like the water will boil.

Stir the mixture gently with a clean spoon. Wait until all the soy chunks have been dissolved, then add the Vitamin E oil, and lastly your essential oils. Take the pot off the heat. Next, take your candle wick and run it through the middle of your peg. Place the peg across your glass, so that it holds your wick in the middle of your glass. Gently pour in your oil blend, being careful not to knock the peg off or move the wick. Now sit back, relax, and wait for your oils to harden into a fancy AF massage candle. When using, make sure to be careful pouring the oil out onto your skin. I don’t recommend that you use the oil on your face - or anyone else’s. Unless that’s your consensual kink. Happy massaging, baby!

Massage candle
massage candle