DIY Summer Facial Oil


Oh my god, so, hiiii summer? How ya doin’? It’s been a while. You’ve never looked better.

I am hella grateful to see the sun again after a cold (thankfully, also rainy) Cape Town winter, a much colder one in London, and the UK autumn that fell before that. Good god. Nine months. After this gestation period it feels like I’ve given birth to my true self. I can finally wear crop tops with impunity, bbe!!

But, of course, the change of season has brought with it changes in my skin. What was dry (okay, just drier) has given way again to a sea of oil, and the added sweat from hikes, the beach, and other summer-esque activities, have started to show up as spots.

Not like I’m complaining, you see, I just would prefer my summer without the need for a thick concealer, like those women in films and novels. A dream? Perhaps, but I’ve been experimenting with some facial oils, and wanted to share a recipe that’s worked.


A nourishing base oil for all skin types that can be used as-is, the recipe can be tweaked for those with specific concerns. Spots? Tea Tree Oil is inflammatory and anti-microbial, fighting zits and disinfecting the surrounding area. Dry? Roman Chamomile soothes and nourishes. You can also add your fave essential oils to play around with, but keep the doses very low, and do a patch test before applying the oil to your face.

This goes for everyone intending to use the oil, in fact. Please be careful with your skin. No one wants to do a patch test, but no one wants to go to the dentist either. Both are necessary for safety.

Find your tools and ingredients at Essentially Natural - an incredible source for DIY skincare. Aaaand, that’s it. Enjoy your oil!

Summer Facial Oil (vegan)

You will need a clean, dry 10ml amber glass bottle with a pipette. Apply at night (6pm-9pm) in place of a moisturiser if you want a lighter experience, or before a heavy moisturiser for those who value a good dose of plump. Wake up with soothed, healthy-looking skin.

Important: Your Summer Facial Oil will remain unspoiled for a time dependent on the ingredients in it. The earliest use-by date displayed on your base oils will become the use-by date of your product. So, if your Jojoba Oil has a use-by date of six months, your Squalane Oil two months, and your Tamanu Oil three months, your use-by date will be two months from the day you mix it. You can add a few drops of Vitamin E as a natural preservative to extend this shelf-life, but do frequent quality checks. And remember that patch test, yo!


  • One part Vegetable Squalane Oil

  • One part Jojoba Oil

  • One part Tamanu Oil

Optional extras for oily/blemished skin:

  • One-three drops of Manuka Essential Oil (Don’t do honey? Try the others instead.)

  • One-three drops of Tea Tree Oil

  • One-three drops of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Optional extras for dry skin:

  • One-three drops of Blue Chamomile Essential Oil

  • One-three drops of Vitamin E Oil

  • One-three drops of Rose Absolute Essential Oil