Proveg Events in October


Folks that follow me on social media may have seen that I’ve been granted the pleasure of becoming one of Proveg South Africa’s ambassadors. I wanted to take some time to introduce them and tell you why they’re important to me.

First things first. Proveg are an ‘international food awareness organisation’ who want to spread urgent news about plant-based diets. And what news would that be, exactly? Well, that reducing meat consumption in the world is critical for the welfare of…animals, yes, to be sure, but also that of the planet - and us. Avoiding meat is the number one way to stop contributing to climate change; it’s also recommended in combatting deadly type 2 diabetes, and axing it altogether will mean minimum-waged abattoir workers no longer have to suffer the intense ill-effects from their work. With all of this in mind, Proveg aim to diminish meat consumption by 50% by 2040 through their work.

They want to do this with a different approach to that of other animal groups I’ve worked with or heard of. Their’s is one of realism and careful consideration, backed by knowledge of forefront economics, psychology, law, and philosophy. They’re also the first group I know of that offered omnivores a set of fair choices; if you still want to eat meat, reduce your intake, if you’re giving meat up, you don’t have to be ‘a vegan.’

And that’s important. Vegans (myself included) have created a sub-culture made up of yoga-attending, poor-tattoo-choice-sporting, smug-smiling, white, middle-class people who have a history (especially locally) of caring more about animals than the many people in need. Who on the outside would want to join that club?

Proveg provides alternative identities while helping those keen on making a change to do so more easily, while (also very importantly) admitting that this isn’t always easy. I’m rambling, but suffice it to say they’re a fantastic organisation with authentic, meticulous efforts, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this team.

Get involved

Proveg SA are running loads of events tied in with their October vegan challenge. It’s not too late to sign-up, and there are still a TON of cool events all over South Africa waiting for anyone curious. Here are a few of my favourites- start booking!

13.10.18 - Vegan Lifestyle Festival (CPT)

13.10.18 - Okja movie screening and dinner (JHB)

14.10.18 - Waterfall meander & brunch (KZN)

15.10.18 - Dinner party at Rick’s American Cafe (CPT)

19.10.18 - Greyton weekend (Greyton)

22.10.18 - Nutrition panel (CPT)

29.10.18 - Dinner party at Addis in Cape

Follow Proveg

Stay in touch with Proveg on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, an find out more about them on their website.