We first heard about Beauty Pie through beauty podcast, Fat Mascara. The premise was intriguing.; someone got mad at the way the beauty industry was treating the buying population, and decided to do something about it. Beauty Pie, a beauty buyer's club, was born. 

After you've paid a membership fee (a tenner), you'll have access to Beauty Pie's (cruelty-free) collection of luxury skincare at a factory price, up to a  competitive market price cart value  of £150. As in, you have a £150 allowance, but this total is made of what the products would have cost you, as opposed to what you're paying for them through membership.

Tired of paying £50+ for a serum? Try just £8. And the products really are super nice. Well-packaged, and filled with the ingredients you'll find in Liberty's upmarket skincare section, Beauty Pie looks too good to be true. So, is it? Where's the inevitable catch?

Spoiler: there isn't one. Remember, buyers clubs function by giving groups access to a product or service at a much cheaper rate. It works because buying in bulk is cheap, and selling that much stock in one go is good for manufacturers. It makes for a mutually-beneficial relationship between brands and their clients, giving business guaranteed income, and consumers more power than they have on their own. It's often a method used to make medicine affordable to those in need, hence The Dallas Buyers Club

That that for now. Keep your eyes peeled for a review once all the products have been given a fair go at toofufu HQ. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Since April of 2017, we've committed to visibly listing all potentially harmful ingredients in the products we mention in our posts. Please remember that natural doesn't mean 'safe', and synthetic doesn't mean 'harmful'. You can read more about this and our other policies in our Mission Statement.

Unfortunately this post contains products that host a number of potentially harmful ingredients - too many to list here. Please see individual items for further information, check out the Beauty Pie website, or email hello@toofufu.com for a break-down.