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I've have news, baby. Big news. Huge. Can you guess what it is? If you've been following on social media - which you have, duh, because you're a babe - you might know it already.

But I'll do a reveal anyway. Ready? Steady! Go! I WORK AT PENGUIN BOOKS NOW. Penguin! The people who published almost every book I've ever read, ever. I remember sitting in lectures staring at that little black and orange Penguin logo, wondering if I'd there'd be a day, one day, that I'd be employed, and guess what?! I am! By the folks behind that logo. Sorry, my mind is still in the process of being blown. 

What do I do there? I'm working as a trainee book publicist in at the Ebury imprint known for its non-fiction. You know? The publisher behind MARY DAMN BERRY'S books?! Mate, what the hell is my life, even? Okay, cool. Freakout over. Now let's get to something more juicy - One of Us is Lying (2017). 

Written by Karen M. McManus in just four months, it's a brilliant murder mystery starring some familiar, but utterly believable (ha!) characters. Speaking of which (minor spoiler alert), as someone who grew up with a crush on the gang from Biker Mice from Mars (I'm a weirdo, I know, there's no known cure), Nate was definitely a firm favourite. I mean, who wouldn't love an emotionally unavailable bad boy? Besides, of course, people who grew up with self-esteem and/or enough parental attention. Right. Yes. Moving on.

Spoiler alarm has at this point been switched off, gang. I honestly didn't expect to hungrily fall into this book as I did. I don't think I've been that eager to finish a story since Martin's A Dance with Dragons, and Pride and Prejudice before that. Yup. It's that frustratingly lovely. Go on, give it a read. If you have already, comment below with your favourite character. I can't wait to chat the hell out of this one. I've plonked a video below in case you wanted to know more about what a book publicist actually does. Until next time, then!