There are a lot of prods vying for out attention, these days. Bloggers and influencers do their fair share of flame-stoking as far as that goes. Guilty as charged. There's just so much cute stuff to buy! And because the thought of owning a house is laughable to twenty-somethings in 2017, we've got a ton of disposable income (which we should really be giving to charity - the guilt, oh, the guilt). But there are some pretty good reasons not to indulge your every makeup or skincare whim. 

One, like we mentioned, the money you spend on a fifteen-step morning routine could be spent more wisely. Your skin is an investment in your future - yes. But culling your makeup bag won't affect your results. That's 'cause some products on your top shelf have similar ingredients to others, and can do very similar things. They don't advertise this on the bottle because it does a brand good to have you buy individual products for individual needs. But don't buy it! Literally. Having one product that can fulfill multiple functions means more $$$ for you to go to yoga, surprise a friend, rent an Erika Lust film, or be a better person through a donation to your local charity. Hooray!

Two, fewer products means less packaging. We're not sure if you noticed, but the earth isn't in a great place. We've kind of messed it up BIG time. But it's not too far gone, by any means. Hopelessness breeds inaction. Don't feel hopeless. Help. Start by going vegan because it's 2017, guys, c'mon. JK. If that's too huge a first step, reduce your waste, instead. How? Buy less stuff. Stuff comes in packaging, packaging turns into waste, waste f*cks with the planet. A considered skincare routine is an environmentally-friendly one.

Three, backpacking through South East Asia just became more possible. Think a year of travel isn't yet out of your reach? Think again. Especially if you're determined to carry five or more tubes of anything across multiple countries. It's not going to work. At some point you'll break an expensive bottle of serum while trying to manoeuvre in a hostel's tiny, steamed-up bathroom. Later you'll realise contouring doesn't bode well with island humidity, and that clean makeup brushes are a massive ask when you haven't worn clean socks for a week. Yuck, no. Cut the cord, babe! Here's how.


Your face oil is a diverse little boo. Sure, it hydrates and clarifies your skin, but it can also be used on your decolletage, and the high points of your cheeks for a natural glow. Don't want to fork out for eye gloss? Who the hell does? Just use your serum. Like, the smallest amount of it, though. And it's best to use natural and organic ingredients where you can. If you've got dry ends, or a painful scalp, you can also dab or massage a little serum into where need it. We love Lulu&Marula's Purifying Treatment Oil, (R380/£22). 


This one's great. Right, so, if you've got a shimmery cream eye shadow, it can double up as a highlighter. Very nifty, if we do say so, ourselves. Copper tones are best on medium to dark shades of skin, while pinks and whiter shades do better on pale skin tones. Use on the high points of your cheeks, along your nose, on your cupid's bow, and on your chin. We love LUSH's Dynamic Eyeliner, (R239/£14.50.)


This doesn't work with all cleansers, and will likely not do well with any products containing sulphates. That's because these are widely-known irritants, and keeping them on your skin too long may cause an inflammatory reaction. Not groovy. Though there are some face washes that work brilliantly as masks, too. Try hydrating products like Ecologic's milky Facial Cleanser (R155/£9) or Lulu&Marula's Cleansing Balm (R320/£19). 


A favourite multi-purpose product for toofufu, using your lipstick as blush is an old trick that's proven itself time and time again. Ay-men! Dab some on the apples of your cheeks and blend up. Blend, blend, blend. It's all in the blend. This week we're loving Itha's Organic Lip Conditioner in Sugar Plum (R150/£9). Gorgeous!