A toofufu skincare haul in London was overdue. Only one problem - money. I know, I know, I know, how glam, a beauty blogger talking brass. But, whatever. Sometimes people who write about video games and beauty for a living don't often cross into the 'painfully-wealthy' section on the venn diagram of dream careers. It's okay, we'll live. On popcorn, mostly. 

Anyway, if there's any city where broke doesn't mean you have to give up on great skin, it's London. You can get things fairly cheaply everywhere here, provided you're happy to look for it. It's with this search that I found the first of our two new ally's.


The Ordinary is anything but, really. Their focus is on concentrated formulas of simple, albeit powerful skincare heroes. One would think that naming your products by their scientific makeup is a little risky, but The Ordinary have released their 'Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%' (et al) to an audience of consumers who have never been more informed. We're used to seeing and understanding the chemical advantages of dozens of multisyllabic compounds.  Honey, this isn't our first rodeo.

The Ordinary are cruelty-free, and from the looks of it, fully vegan. I got some of their plant squalane to replace my empty one from Kudu Cosmetica, and I grabbed some Vitamin B3 concentrate (Niacinamide), which you might remember works so well with redness. Both have been amazing at keeping my skin hydrated, and even-toned. But it's thanks to this WOW Niacinmidesomethingsomething serum, that I wake up with most of the inflammation around my nose completely gone - a near-miracle. 

Our third product comes from our second ally in this post - Herbivore Botanicals. Known for their animal- and earth-friendly approach to beauty, this natural-is-best company gets away with some fairly steep prices. That itsy bitsy roll-on? It cost my SAINT of an aunt £25. Basically the downpayment on a car back in our hometown of East London,  South Africa. Is it worth the fuss/retirement pension?

Not really. I mean, it gets very positive reviews on its website, but it's also listed squalane as its first ingredient, meaning any efficacy might speak to this (much cheaper) compound I found for almost nothing at The Ordinary. The best thing about it is its azure colour, and its sweet smell. No, that doesn't quite do it justice. It smells a bit like...childhood? Well, it actually smells like jasmine and rose, the essential oils listed on the packaging. Let's not split hairs. No one needs more split hairs. 

Have any of you gorgeous people tried using these prods? Would love to know how it went for you in the comments below. Catch ya later!


Oh, happy days! None of the items featured in this post contain potentially-harmful ingredients. Please see our Mission Statement for more information on synthetic and natural ingredients.