Babes, have we got a prize for you. For three of you, to be exact. Yup. Three lucky toofufu readers will each win a R500 gift voucher from local skincare brand, Back 2 Nature

And we're super excited for you. It's been a rough six months for a lot of people, and we could all do with some pampering. Plus, in a world that's committed to willful ignorance around accessibility, women's issues, animal rights, and the environment, it's groovy to know there are small businesses we can support who combat all that nasty, while also keeping our skin happy and protected from the sun. (I'm trying this Buddhist thing where I don't swear, but that's cool as f*ck).


So, what's what with Back 2 Nature? Well, like we said, they're a local skincare group, and they're run by surfer babe, yogi and all-round nice guy, Chanel Dankert. The idea for Back 2 Nature came to Chanel with a suddenness particular to good ideas, but ideas, good or not, aren't much without follow-through. Thankfully for us, Chanel had more than a few heaps of that, and used it to create her minimalist skincare lineBack 2 NatureWith a solid recycling program in placeBack 2 Nature has also said 'no' to international shipping to reduce their carbon footprint. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Please can we see tons more of this? 

Back 2 Nature are also completely vegan (no beeswax here!), and none of the products or ingredients have ever been tested on animals. All my #veganbeauty babes, holla! 

Right. Back to the matter at hand. Although the Back 2 Nature products are reasonably priced for a boutique skincare brand, R500 to help with your cart on their website wouldn't hurt. Head over here to see all the ways you can enter to WIN one of our fancy shmancy vouchers. Competition ends 31 March, 2017. Holding thumbs for you!