dupe squad

Look, it would be great if student debt wasn't a thing, or if you could pay for petrol with 50c you got every time you fell prey to an episode of mansplaining. But life seems determined not to play nice. Then again, you might be a thrifty honey who doesn't see any good in paying more for something you're only gonna wash off at some point. Babe, I got you. 

Introducing the dupe squad. A handful of carefully-curated stand-ins for popular local and international brands. I'd like to make it clear on the outset that every single product on this list works beautifully. We're not here to pick on small businesses or undermine formulaes that undoubtedly took a ton of hard work to produce. We're just refusing to believe that every toofufu reader can afford to drop $$$ on the skin treats we choose to show off - something a lot of magazines take for granted.

Like, ever seen a rave review of a product in a mag and then it's like R1000+? Very, very, very few people can come anywhere close to spending that on one (one!) item. We think perpetuating this disconnect leaves a lot of people feeling despondent about their position, even if their's is a relatively good one financially. We'd rather make space for a more dynamic range of budgets, without denying the awesomeness of the brands we're duping. So, we're cool, right? Let's go. 

the duperheroes

Original. Lulu&Marula's Refreshing Tonic Mist. Dupe. Essentially Natural's Rosewater Floral Water. Super power. A similar makeup setting and skin hydrating feature, the Essentially Natural floral water is a more student-friendly option.

Original. Dr Hauschka's Rouge Powder. Dupe. Inthusiasm's Mineral Blush. Super power. Don't think you should dish out R449 for a rosy glow? Hit up this locally-made, natural dupe that's only R160. Yes, please!

Original. Glossier's Boy Brow. Dupe. Essence's Make Me Brow. Super power. Not as nourishing as it's American cousin, but Make Me Brow is a super-cheap (R51), easy-to-use gel mascara that has not left our lashes the second we bought it. Plus it's vegan. VEGAN! Tip: Brush the small hairs at the base of your eyebrows up, rather than to the side. 

Original. SKOON's Squalane Concentrate. Dupe. Kudu's Squalane Oil. Super Power. The same moisture-rich, skin-soothing properties of SKOON's vegetable squalane drops but at a more manageable R369.


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