A week and a bit a go I got a special delivery from the lovely skincare kweens at Me&Youth. It was an extra-cool drop because M&Y are a client of mine, so I got to see some of my writing in the packaging - an ridiculously wonderful feeling. 

We don't do reviews on toofufu, but I will say that I'm so proud to see my work accompanying this locally-made, women-run skincare goodie, Me&Youth's Quick Makeup Fix. Before I jump into an unboxing, a bit more on M&Y.

Firstly, you might actually know them already as 'Beauty Fix'. The name change? Prompted after an administration detail messed with an international brand deal. Not cool. So, a makeover was in order. 'Me&Youth' was chosen 'cause, as M&Y website says, 'we wanted to pick a name that told...our awesome clients, that we've committed to a shared journey that ends with amazing, naturally youthful-looking skin'. Fire, right?

Then,  as I said a little earlier, M&Y is a women-run small skincare company based in South Africa. Their cruelty-free Quick Makeup Fix is also produced in South Africa, and they also support local artists and writers (like me) with their website and packaging. M&Y products don't contain any alcohol, synthetic colours, fragrances, parabens, PEGs, ehtanolmines, sulphates, mineral oils, or silicones. They're also free from gluten and wheat, and the Makeup Fix is vegan-friendly. Got it? Let's unbox!


Me&Youth Quick Makeup Fix  - A makeup setting spray, primer, and hydrating spritzer. Made with, among other things, Damask Rose extract, Aloe Leaf Juice, and Cucumber. R250 for 50ml.  Limited Edition makeup bag - perfect for your handbag touch-up essentials, or a pretty place to keep your tampons and pads. Me&Youth Intensive Repair Ointment samples - made with Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin (so, not vegan but vegetarian), this is a powerful moisturising treatment for your dry bits. This guy is still in production - keep your peepers on the M&Y site. Also how cute are these sample packs? More accurately, how cute is ALL of this packaging?

So, that was it from me. I hope you've enjoyed this unboxing as much as I have. Check out M&Y through their website here, through Instagram hereTwitter here, and Facebook over here. Let me know if you've tried these babes before in the comments below, k? Cool beans, kids. See you soon! 

The products pictured here were sent to toofufu at the brand's expense. Me&Youth have also commissioned the writers at toofufu for work at an ongoing basis. Please make responsible buying choices, you wallet is your vote for change.