Love it or hate it, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. At toofufu, we've always stood with the former. An entire day to celebrate romantic love? Babe, we didn't stand a chance with cynicism.  Not a damn chance. 

So, when we were sent a press drop from Wass skincare earlier this month, we took it as an early Valentine's gift, and we've been walking on pastel-coloured, candy-flavoured clouds ever since. Here's your introduction to this local, woman-run company, along with a last-minute date and gift guide below. Don't say we never do anything for you. 

What did we get? Thought you'd never ask. We were #blessed with a ginger, grapefruit , lavender and eucalyptus Autumn Body Treatment Oil (rub it on after a warm shower), Day and Night Temple Oils with pretty smells like neroli and bergamot, a Face and Body Mist with a fine spray (hello, makeup setter!), and a light Rose Geranium Lipbalm.  Spoiled, huh? Right, so. If you're keen to know more about Wass, you can check out their website, their Insta feed, Facebook, and Twitter. 

If you're in Cape Town and in need of some late-to-the-party date ideas, scroll down, baby. We've got your back. We've also added a last-minute gift guide for both local and non-local honeys. Good luck, and happy Valentine's Day!

last-minute dates

One. Hit up Maynardville's Shakespeare in the park, now playing Twelfth Night. It's a super romantic, open-air theater with free wine. FREE WINE, PEOPLE! There's also a cute park (think swans and weeping willows) to hang in before the show starts, maybe eat a little picnic  Tickets are R120-180 from Computicket. Two. An epic cruise up Table Mountain with the cableway's sunset half-price special. R127 per an adult. Three. A walk along the Sea Point promenade, finishing up with ice cream at (vegan-friendly) Crumbs and Cream. Four. Visit Desir's showroom in Camps Bay and choose an intimate toy for yours and your love's night in. 


last-minute gifts

One. A mixed tape. When Grant and I first started dating, we made each other a mixed tape, and it was cute AF. Don't know how the hell to make one? Check out these tutorials, or make up a mixed flash-drive instead (bonus points for uploading a photo album of sweet moments together. Two. Like the cool kids at WASS have said, a sweet note with breakfast in bed is a great way to make someone's day. Pair it with a home-made (or just home-printed) voucher for a 'seaside drive' or 'sunset hike'. ThreeRent out or buy a box set of Girls (assuming you can stand Lena Dunham), and build a pillow fort in your lounge. Add some Oreo Popcorn and you're set for a cuddly evening in with your boo(s). You could also add a dose of extra cuddling with a boxset of American Horror Story instead. Four. If you're short on time and even a breakfast together is out of the question, you could always grab a gift from a Wass Skincare stockist, some chocolate, or a bunch of flowers. Parting with cash isn't a long-term solution to every problem, as 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) told us. But you are reading a last-minute gift guide, aren't you? We reckon it's okay just this once.  Five. Then again, there's enough bad press around Valentine's Day to make even a smidgen of effort seem like an incredible blessing. Give your special one a big squish and a few extra morning kisses, asking them exuberantly if they'd be so kind as to make your day by agreeing to be your Valentine. In the end, it's the small things.