Howdy, gang.

Today's DIY beauty post is super-special because it announces a really exciting competition in collaboration with bangin' online retailer, Essentially Natural. If you're just waaay too excited you can scroll down and read what's up, or enter through the WIN page. 

Those of us with a little more self-control can first enjoy this tried-and-tested recipe for an ultra-rich, avocado and shea butter bar. I'm really getting into the DIY beauty thing, you guys. Like, I've got some long-term, rocking plans for TOOFUFU and your beautiful skin.

...Which sounds creepy out of context, I know. And if all you're doing now is picturing scenes from Hannibal, I'm sorry. But yeah, big plans! Ooh, it still sounds creepy! Let's move on, shall we?

Right, on. Let's get colourful and trance-chic with this happy, trippy little bar of balmy goodness. Why Avocado and shea butters? Well, I wanted something rich and nourishing to help us through the transition months between the two major seasons, summer and winter.

So, I did a bit of digging and saw that avocado butter was full of vitamins (A,D, and E), and acts as a brilliant emollient - meaning it keeps moisture from your skin trapped in, rather than attracting moisture from the air.  I also saw that shea butter is another emollient friend, and works as a great way to hit your skin up with fatty acids that keep it healthy and looking hawt-to-trawt.

Then I was like, 'WHAT IF THEY WERE PUT TOGETHER?' And voila! I had the makings of an amazing bar recipe. Apparently I also had the makings of repeated failure, excessive sweat, and cursing. But after a large (indulgent) meal, a good read, and a bit of a lie down, I gathered up the courage to do some more experimenting, and finally ended up with the recipe featured here. I hope you like it so much it becomes your go-to Spring/Autumn skincare rescue. 

Things to know before you start:

  • This bar was created through an adaption of a recipe from Rosemary Gladstar's Herbs for Natural Beauty. You can get the book really cheaply through Amazon Kindle, and it's definitely one of the bet out there. Worth every cent - I highly recommend it to beginner beauty diy'sters!
  • Because this bar is made up of emollients, it's best to use it on damp skin after your bath or shower, as it keeps moisture in. Gently press your skin with a soft towel instead of brushing or scraping (yes, we use a lot of starch in this house). 
  • This body bar contains occlusive ingredient that will potentially block your pores, so please refrain from using it on your face, and other places prone to breakouts. 
  • This recipe makes between 6-10 small body bars. 
  • Please make sure all your tools are clean before use.
  • You can substitute the essential oils for ones of your choice. I'm a fan of a rosemary and grapefruit combination, myself (rosemary essential oil smells nothing like real rosemary, in case you were wondering).
  • Make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients by doing a patch test first; rubbing a small amount on your wrist, and checking in after two hours. 
  • If you stay in a warm climate (like South Africa), you'll need to keep your bars in the fridge between uses, or decant the finished recipe into a long-term use container instead of a mould. That way you'll get the skin benefits, but the recipe becomes one for a balm, not a bar. I'm sure you'll live.
  • Your body bars have a shelf-life of a few months, thanks to antioxidant properties in their ingredients.


A medium-sized saucepan

A clear glass, heat-proof bowl (like this one)

A silicone or metal mould (you can always use a muffin pan if you don't have fancy letter moulds like I do)

A cup for measurements

A container to house your finished body bars


  1. Place a few centimeters of water in your sauce pan and bring it to simmer over you stove on low heat. 
  2. Place your glass bowl in your sauce pan and pour in all your ingredients except from the vitamin E oil and essential oils. 
  3. Stir gently until all the ingredients are mixed, including the melted candelilla wax.
  4. Take your mixture of the heat, and add the vitamin E and essential oils, stirring again. 
  5. Gently pour your mixture into your moulds, being careful not to make any of the individual bars too big. Your're aiming for your bars to be about the size and thickness of your average choc-chip cookie. You can go a bit bigger, but don't go too big unless you're prepared to really wait it out in the cooling phase.
  6. Leave your bars to cool until the edges have pulled from the sides of the mould, and your bar is hard to the touch. 
  7. Carefully remove your bars from the mould and keep them in your prepared container until use.

Not that hard, right? You've totally got this, you guys! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the section below, or directly at I'm here to help, and would love to hear how the recipe went for you!

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