More like BaoBABE, ammiright?

Hi, folks. Welcome to today's riveting post featuring all things baobab from EcoProducts - a kick-ass, local, super-certified and community-minded brand. Let's get going, shall we? Wait - one more thing. Remember to check out the disclaimer at the bottom of the post, detailing my relationship with EcoProducts, k? K. Let's go!

'Baobab' is right up there with 'bamboo' and 'mula bhanda' as some of the world's best and most fun words to say. Go for it. BAY-OH-BAB. Glorious. 

The tree by this name is just as kooky- growing tall, fat, and smoothish until it's top where its branches make for a sudden and gorgeous, well-tended fro.  It's so pretty, you guys. And like many things out of Africa, the baobab isn't just a looker; it's also got some serious beauty and health cred thanks to the oil extracted from its seeds, and the powder made from its fruit (fruit's a cute word, too, sin't it? But I digress).

Baobab powder

EcoProducts' Baobab powder is packed full with vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and B-complex vitamins, and it can be used in a bunch of cool recipes, like these straight from EcoProducts' website; the veggie burgers and sorbets look especially delicious. 

Despite all these lovely things, sugar-conscious people might want to give the powder a skip as it's got 17g of sugar for every 100g of powder. That's still lower than some other fruits (like banana) but if you're a little fruit-wary, it's good to keep that in mind. That said, it's a great choice for high-carb, low-fat diets - especially HCLF vegan diets that can often rely heavily on dark leafy greens for magnesium (baobab powder apparently has almost double the amount of magnesium per 100g). How much kale can one person handle, anyway? You know how much juice they produce? Like nothing. Kale's a bit of a stingy asshole, really. Baobab sorbet > kale 4 lyf, yo.

Baobab oil

Baobab oil is the, fam. It's a hyper-moisturising oil that can be used for 'eczema, dry psoriasis...acne, sunburn, bed sores, icthyyosis, actinic keratosis', pigmentation, as well as all over your body and hair for a moisture boost. If you want some information on its effectiveness, check out its reviews on Faithful to Nature - they're all glowing and positive. Not an easy feat considering the oil sets out to do a lot with just a little product. 

The oil is also rich in fatty acids that help to keep your cell membranes healthy, and your skin plump and hydrated, and can be used in the bath, as a massage oil, mixed with your moisturiser, or combined with your conditioner. Just make sure to rub it on damp skin, as its moisturising properties work by keeping moisture locked in, rather than attracting moisture from the air. How many variants of the word 'moisturiser' can one person say in a single sentence before they have an existential crisis? Three times. Three.

More on EcoProducts

Before we take our leave I just want to say a bit more on EcoProducts, 'cause their story is baller. Do you know how they get their raw ingredients? They wait for the fruit of the baobab tree to dry up and fall, after which they collect them, extract the seeds (for oil), and do some minimal processing before it's sold to us. This way, the tree itself isn't harmed in the extraction process, and the product stays its purest - sustainability win!

Amazing, right? Then there's the EcoProduct Foundation that was created to strengthen the community that so integral in helping EcoProduct to do its thing. The foundation has two branches (lol), a pre-school programme, and an ecological, unique tree-planting scheme that helps to employ local women.

This is amazing to see, even in a strong, conscientious local skincare industry. Nice one, team! You can click on the links above to see how you can get involved. Then again, you can also support the foundation and yourself through purchasing EcoProduct's awesome treats. Find where to buy your new favourites here. If you need more convincing, check out the EcoProducts blog, filled with some cool, informative content. 

Have you tried any baobab products? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you! Thanks for the read, lovelies. 

Until next time!


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