Hi, cool kid. 

How ya doin'? If you're reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm sorry but you're an asshole. You didn't do anything particularly wrong, but you're enjoying (n)ice cream, crop tops, and fine weather, while my body has taken to eating everything ever in order to insulate itself from the cold. 

But look, you're alright. I still love you. To show you just how much I've put together another DIY recipe for you folks to enjoy. This one is extra-super-duper-easy, and it's a great place to start for DIY beauty newbies for that reason and because it's a recipe you can add on to and make your own. 

It's a rose and coconut sugar lip scrub - perfect for flaky winter lips, or long summer night makeout sessions. What? You didn't know exfoliation made for the best kisses? Babe, your kissing game is about to step up.

Before we begin I want to give a high-five to the Essentially Natural team who sent me some of the ingredients for this lip-loving scrub. They're an online retailer that boasts a huge DIY section that slays the local game. I wish they were around when I was starting out 'cause it was a mission to find anything not so long ago. Now everything is a filter search away. You can check out our other Essentially Natural post here, and take a look at their DIY goodies here (psst - would you LOOK at this dried jasmine making my best apothecary life?). 


Makes a small jar, or one month's worth of scrub at one or two exfoliations a week.

3 Tbs brown sugar (you can also use xylitol)

1 Tbs of coconut oil

1 head of a fragrant rose (treat yo'self to a bunch a few days before you plan to make your scrub)

2-3 thin slices of beetroot, or a pinch of natural red colourant 


A food processor, or hand-held blender

1 clean, upcycled container 


1) Put the coconut oil and sugar in a bowl, after you've heated the coconut oil just enough to allow it to mix well with the other ingredients - you won't need to do this if you're in summer.

2) Next, sprinkle your rose petals on top. Then you'll drop in your beet slices or natural colourant for a pop of bright red - you can leave this out if you're not into it, or if you think your rose petals do enough for your scrub's colour (I got my shade with three slices of beetroot).

3) Mix these all together in your processor or with your blender until your ingredients are all inseparable BFFs. Scoop everything up and pop it in to an upcycled skincare container. If you're fresh out of those you can also use an open-mouthed mason jar. And voila!


Take a small amount onto your finger and gently press this into your lips in soft, circular motions. Do not put this on our face. It's a little too harsh. But you can use it on your beautiful arms, legs, back, and butt. You might want to make a bit more scrub in this case, so a good rule to abide by with any DIY scrub is that you use one part oil for every three parts exfoliator. 

So, if you want to make a big batch, you'll use one cup coconut oil to three cups sugar and so on. You might also want to save cash by using Epsom salts instead of sugar. It's also great, but remember to moisturise properly after use. Also, if you're using this as a body scrub, please be careful in the shower. The oils can leave a residue that's super slippery. I know I sounded a billion years old there, but for real, be careful.

That's it for now, lovelies. Let me know how it goes - I love hearing from you. 

Peace out.

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