This blog post has literally been sitting in the backend (website's, not mine) since July, 2016. That is truly a new level of procrastination for me. Anyoo, is there any better an excuse to skip the faffle and get right to the unboxing?  I didn't think so, either.

This 'Ray of Sunshine' vegan-friendly gift set (R285) was bought for me from Lush by my little brother. He had come to visit me and G in Cape Town, and gave me this as a 'thank you'. Literally isn't the best younger brother ever? 

I think this might have been the first gift set I've ever got from Lush, and it was my first time trying out The Olive Branch (from R95), which has since become a staple in our (candy-store-smelling) bathroom. Scroll through the pics and find an unboxing write-up down under for all the details. 


The Olive Branch Shower Gel. Smells gorgeous, washes your skin gently, and is made with fair trade olive oil from an Isreali/Palestine community project collective. Can be used on your hair, but I wouldn't recommend it. Starts from R95 for 100ml. Sandstone Soap. As the name suggests, pretty sandy. Filled with a bright citrus fragrance that can come across a little heavy. A good option for a wake-me-up-please shower bar. R52.50 per a 100g. Each Peach... A textured massage bar that hydrates your skin wonderfully in a light, romantic oil feel. Also heavy on the citrus notes. R110 for 65g. Sugar Scrub. Sugar, lavender, and ginger root make a great combo in this hot ticket. A cute shower scrub, but an expensive one-use treat. R75 for 100g.