Hey, hey, hey.

How are you guys doing? Thanks for taking time out of your Pokemon Go game to hang with your sister. I probably wouldn't even be writing this if it didn't take signing in to someone's States-based iTunes to do it. When there's more than like two steps to get something working my first instinct is like, 'Oh hell, nice idea though, let's take a nap?'

So, liking these regular posts, huh? Me, too. I like getting my vegan beauty fix on the almost-kinda-daily. And I get to chat to you guys more often. Result! It was something I decided to do when I got back, although it's since been a little tricky 'cause I'm back to working full-time at COSMO. Which is busy. Like, very. But I love it there. It's such a damn privilege to be working with people who genuinely care about representation, in a firm, but playful way.

It's also grown my writing and expanded my views on feminism. I'm not sure it would have been the place for me even a year ago, but nowadays I just want to give everyone at work a million high-fives on the daily. Oh, and I'm working with a predominantly women-run show. Makes for a change. One so good I regret using the intensifier 'really' so often that it's made it rather redundant here. But it is a really good change.

Anyway.  Today I'm writing about our next ally in the 'Ally' series, the kick-ass natural beauty team, Lulu&Marula. After I arrived back home from the States I had a little package of L&M goodies waiting for me, and I couldn't have asked for a better welcome home. Thanks, guys!  

L&M is a woman-owned, local business doing right by us, animals, and the planet. I'd like to give an extra S/O to the marvelous owner, Jesslynn, who is a sweet person passionate about her products. It shows.

After a recent relaunch, L&M's goods came repackaged in beautiful, bold colours - the result of a year of design by White Kite Studio. I've tried to do L&M justice here, but you really need to go take a look for yourself to scope things out proper. Nice one, team!

L&M say they stand by a few simple principles when they make their natural products: 

  • 'Simple is the new awesome' - A smaller range for bigger impact. You can also shop their minimal and minimalist treats by skin type if you'd prefer, giving you an extra bit of guidance through an already tight-ship selection. Perfect for organic skincare newbies.  
  • 'Natural is powerful' - There aren't any fragrances or preservatives in L&M, and neither are there 'whatchamacallits'. All the smiles. Sensitive types (like me) will also be glad to know that that L&M products are given the all-clear. Yaaaaas!
  • 'Relish simple pleasures'- L&M would like your beauty routine to become a zen few minutes in-between the vague panic that ensues just after you're pleased to finally afford paying your own specialists fees and the uneasy realisation that you are now no longer able to afford electricity. Just me? Oh, us crazy millennials. Ha. But for real this is a cool vibe. L&M have their beauty buys under labels like 'calming','energising', 'nourishing', and 'purifying'. A bit like the mood ring of organic skincare. But like, one that works and isn't always purple and what do you mean, mood ring, WHAT?
  • 'Handmade is the best kind' - Handmade in little batches. Don't those sounds just make you want to give that sentence a hug? How cute?!
  • 'The future is local' - Hell yes, you guys. It IS. And L&M proves this well with their 'source-local where we can 'tude' inside and out. Double high-five.
  • 'Thoughtfully sustainable' - L&M doesn't test on animals, and they're not interested in extraneous packaging. Also, their bottles are dark and made of glass, making them perfect for making your own beauty goodies when all the contents are used up. And you should make your own stuff, it's fun

So, in my own homecoming present I got the Refreshing Tonic Mist, and the Calming Body Balm, both of which you see here. How gorgeous? The tonic is made with a 'blend of rose, cucumber, and aloe vera' , as well as 'rosemary and ginko biloba'. Ooh la, la! I use it after cleansing and moisturising, but you can also use it to set makeup and perk yourself up through the day. Hot tip: if you shake your head like a dog after you've sprayed your face you'll isolate all the people currently too close to you and voila! Personal space in a busy, busy world. 

I haven't used the body balm yet but I look forward to it. 'Specially 'cause my skin currently flakes over like salted beef the minute I leave the shower. YAAAA-no. The balm is a 'blend of floral ingredients like neroli, geranium and ylang ylang', as well as 'marula, moringa, and shea butter'. Why marula? 'Cause it's 'one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants including vitamins C and E, and essential fatty acids'. Sounds good, whatcha waiting for? Look 'em up.

K, guys. That's me. It's time for me to go to bed and wrestle the blankets from our fat cat. Mad love for you guys. If you want to get hold of L&M on social media, you can hit them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. That should keep you busy. 

Chat soon. 


Disclaimer: The brand and products featured in this post were sent to Toofufu at the brand's expense, knowing it would result in coverage like this post. Toofufu does not offer reviews on the 'Ally' series, for more info, see our mission statement. Feel free to email questions to