Hey, hey, hey.

Hope you babes have been well. Things are moving pretty hard and fast this side. I feel like I'm running on a trail, having picked up enough momentum to make the pace and focus seem almost supernatural. I jump over one, two, three tree roots. I deflect a low-hanging branch, anticipate a leap towards a smoother path.

I've found a rhythm, surprised myself, and I know now that the trick is to not stop long enough to consider the fall. Hopefully it's just a paranoia rooted in processing my recent, incredible good fortune. 


Who knows? Let's wait and see. In any case, darlings, we're here to talk about Toofufu and Hi-Tec's second meet-up, the Hi-Tec Hike Squad event in Deer Park, Cape Town. So, let's do that. 

The 22nd May broke sunny and cool over Cape Town's CBD. Near Vredehoek, Gardens, and Oranjezicht, Deer Park lies near the bottom right of table mountain. It's a biggish park, and home to some of the best views of the city.

It's also occasionally visited by ridiculously fabulous dogs (see below).

Where the first hike was walked by a majority group of Youtubers, the Deer Park hike was made up of squad members from the video game industry. Regina Luki, a kick-ass developer and all-round nice person brought us good cheer. Genevieve Lesch, a cosplay community leader, dripped enthusiasm and wore a groovy pair of pixel-esque glasses. Gurl, you looked A++

Then there was Steven Tu,a video game and board game creator, and illustrator who gave us some mountain wisdom, and Grant Hinds, a Youtuber, who was just as fabulous as he always is.

I suppose I fall into this camp too, and my contribution amounted to confused looks towards the rest of the party whenever they needed me to choose the correct path, and exceptionally large sweat stains under my unprepared arm pits. Always a charmer. 

Those not from that scene included the ever-lovely, Kaitlyn Croney, an occupational therapist and one of my best friends since primary school, PR rockstar and super woman, Fabrizia Degli Esposti, developer, Instagramer, and our unofficial guide, Andrew Taiton, and awesome Andrea Engelbrecht from Hi-Tec South Africa.

A great group if I do say so myself. I'm not sure why, but they make me want to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), which can only mean we're destined to all become best friends and grow old and start a bike gang together. In that order, or not, I don't have a preference. 

A big thanks goes to everyone who made it out of bed on that Saturday, to Hi-Tec for the sick sock swag, and Faithful to Nature for the green shopping guides. You guys rock my mountain!

You can check out Hi-Tec's hiking gear over here - they're a brilliant option for both beginner and experienced hikers, and everyone in between. No surprises where I land on that scale. You can also take a peak at what Faithful to Nature has on offer here. They're an organic shopping favourite of mine, and they're currently taking thirty percent off of their best cruelty-free items. Whoop, Whoopie Goldberg!


We won't be having a #HTHS meeting in June, because I'll be living my best Hollywood vegan life in L.A. until the 25th.

That said, we've got some awesome things planned for our hike in July. Watch our events page for more details. See ya soon, honey!