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Hope you babes have been well and you're enjoying your pay day cheques responsibly (so, not buying a shirt that your boyfriend said reminded him of the biblical story of Joseph and his technicolor dream coat). Cool. 

Anyway, I've introduced your guys to SKOON. before. They're a local skincare company with some super indulgent, beautiful natural products. I've said before that I don't like doing reviews on things that are given to me by brands, but I've bought products from them before, so I'm not scared to say they've worked incredibly well.


I'm an especially big fan of their GlowDrops - I've been a little obsessed with finding a glow product after watching an Essena O'Neill video where she mentioned she was wearing glow-something-something makeup. I hunted. Online, locally, abroad. No results.

Then I found out at that a local beauty lab called  'SKOON.' had a glow product, and I got more excited than anyone should for something that isn't the answer to widespread poverty.  And guys, it's never going to leave my beauty shelf if I can help it. 

Today we're going to be talking about winter skincare, because the drop in temperature that's about to get real has an affect on our skin. This can cause changes in the moisture levels and sensitivity of our skin, so we sometimes need compensate with different products to those we use in summer. 


For many, winter means drier skin. We're taking longer, hotter showers, using heaters without humidifiers, and stepping out in harsh, dry winds. Which reminds me of what my grandpa once said when I was leaving the house in questionable weather one evening, 'Only the brave and the beautiful go out in this weather.' I should call him. Moving on, these things - hot showers, dry winds, and heaters - rob our skin of the natural oils that help make our it pliable and kiff. 

If you've noticed that you skin is drier than it's been all year, or you already know you have dry skin, follow these hot tips.

- Avoid hot showers, and especially long ones. Try to take warm ones instead. Tough, I know. But we're not really meant to be in there so long, from an eco-perspective. Give it a go until hot, languid baths and showers are a treat, not the everyday norm. 

- Ditto goes  for you heater. I'm guilty, here. I love my heater on up all the way, and then I sit right next to it. It often means I have big, red patches on my legs for hours afterwards. Kinda gross. Yeah, so, that's not great. Think about swapping out 'hot' for 'warm', or better, 'comfortable'. You could also buy a humidifier like these to reintroduce moisture into the air, making it more skin-friendly. 

- Stock up on beauty products that are rich in moisture-giving properties. You could start using the oil cleansing method, which relies on the idea that vegetable oils can help your skin maintain its own. SKOON.'s Nkuto Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser is a product you can try out if this sounds good to you. It's made up of things like apricot kernel oil and macadamia nut oil - ooh, la, la. You can also use their Beautifuel Double Thick Cream at night, made especially for dry, winter skin. If you're not keen on getting a whole new routine or switching over to a new brand all at once, try their Skin Sips Moisture Now Serum. You can put a few drops of this with your existing moisturiser for a boost, or use it with your foundation. Just remember to allot for a change in texture.

You can also get some body oils for dry skin that's all over your bodaaay. This one smells like vanilla and orange

See some other dry skin products here


My skin is a bit of a wuss. It gets panicky if I wear certain brands of makeup, wash my face too often in a day, or kiss G when he's got a five o'clock shadow. If I wear makeup, wash it off, put it back on again because I remembered a shoot I need to do, wash it off again, and then kiss G, I get a big, red patch of sore skin. Kinda like the one I have today. 

My skin's sensitivity to makeup has been way better since I switched from Dr Haushka to Inthusiasm (that stuff's amazing), but I still need to be wary around which kinds of products touch my skin. Winter increases skin sensitivity because we move from hot to cold and vice versa very quickly when we go in and out of heated rooms and the greater outside. This back and forth irritates the skin, flaring up inflammation and all sorts of other crap

You can also get windburn in winter as easily as you can get sunburn in summer, which I think goes to show how very uncharming winter can be, considering with summer you at least have the consolation of being able to low-key hold your ankles together and swim around the pool pretending you're a mermaid. Or something like that. 

Here are some tips for those of you who need help with a winter routine for sensitive skin. 

- If you're going to be outside in the cold wind, leave with a scarf around your neck if you don't already wear one for other purposes.


 When it's not necessary to talk (presumably to which ever miserable friend dragged you from your warm home to ask them, why, oh god, why), wrap that gorgeous face in your scarf. But don't take one that's going to scratch your skin. That's just one step forward, one awkward step/fall back. 

- Put a good bunch of moisturiser on your skin. Like we heard above, when your skin is dry, it's stripped of good vibes that makes your skin look after itself. Help your skin to help itself with something like SKOON.'s Ruby Marine Overnight Hydrating Mask. Bonus points for being the best-ever shade of pink.

SKOON. also have a serum made for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, called Squalane Concentrate. You would add a few drops of this to your mask/moisturiser, just like you would the Skin Sips we spoke about earlier. It promises to make your skin 'unbelievably supple and smooth'

For my own sensitive skin, SKOON.'s resident chemist (available by quick email at the bottom right-hand corner of the website) recommended a Gel-to-Milk Cleanser that doubles-up as a makeup remover (!). It's a lot thicker and juicier than my regular clay cleanser, and even though I have oily skin, I think it will be handy to have it on my side come July and August.  


Check out more sensitive skin products over here. 


Welcome to my life, fam. Things are barely getting much drier here. I still can't go a full work-day without wishing that there was an emergency service for blotting paper. I'm not complaining - dry skin sounds like a pain in the neck (and face, I suppose). My Grade 7 teacher, Mrs Kneebone (her literal name) once told us all to be grateful for what we have. She gave us an example concerning all the starving children in- no, that would have been normal. 

Instead, Mrs Kneebone said. 'Like my skin. It's always been oily, but I also look much younger for it, because I didn't develop wrinkles as quickly as other women with dry skin.' Bless. Well, it stuck with me, much like my oily skin, and I am grateful for it, even if it often makes me look like something that could slide down a hill made of flour with nothing to show for it. 

As the SKOON. chemist (a lovely person, named Victor) explained, sensitive, oily skin is hard to advise on. But that said, he gave it his damn best and came up with the following list of products. Feel free to take this as a shopping list, or get in touch with SKOON. directly.


White Wash or Gel-to-Milk (Cleansing)

SuperfluitySkin SipsRuby Marine (Moisturising) 

White Cloud ManukaSqualane ConcentrateSpotless (Treatment)

There's also one big thing to keep in mind with oily skin in winter. MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE. If you use a light moisturiser in summer, like me, you might want to consider something thicker if your skin is noticeably drier, even if it's not yet 'dry'.

Try SKOON.'s Superfluity or Balancing Fluid. If you're unsure about committing to a product that might be too much for your skin, try using the Skin Sips to add to the moisturiser you already use, or order a few minipots from SKOON. to try out. They're also the perfect size for travel (guess who's going to L.A. with me?). 

And that's all, folks. Let me know if you have any winter skincare tips that I've left out, and what your go-to winter beauty products are. I love hearing from you!


Until next time.

Disclaimer: The brand and products featured in this post were sent to Toofufu at the brand's expense, knowing it would result in coverage like this post. Toofufu does not offer reviews on the 'Ally' series, for more info, see our mission statement. Feel free to email questions to