Hello my dope kweens, 

What's going up with you? I'm doing okay in a state of transition from tech to beauty, magazine to blog. It's actually going pretty well. I mean, I haven't broken down on the floor or cut off all my hair. But then I did spend two hours needlessly redecorating our flat listening to club music and panicky pushing out all thoughts of the work I was supposed to be doing. Still, though.

Let's hop to it. Today's 'Ally' post features a local beauty brand, Soylites. So, when they first sent me these beautiful products, I was like 'Oh, cool, I love candles!' And then I used the Rejuvenation soy candle with lemongrass, lavender, and lime and realised something huge. YOU GUYS! YOU CAN USE THE WAX AS MOISTURISER! MOISTURISER! ON YOUR BODY! 

And no, I don't pour candle wax on my body with enough regularity to have come to that conclusion organically. After doing some label detective work, it slowly dawned on me that the same candle making the room so warm and pretty could also make my bodaaay moisturised AF. Bye, bye winter skin. Hello, gorgeous, glossy legs (alright, just glossy, then - okay?). 

The story of Soylites spans two continents and involves a family tradition of candle-making, and a passion for health, and the environment. Co-founder Colin was living in Hawaii (casual) when he came across an article on the benefits of soybean wax. Without additives or gunk like paraffin or petroleum, Colin thought this natural wax would be of great use to his parents, candle manufacturers in Southern California, US. After poking and prodding with strictly-monitored ingredients, Colin's parents realised there was enough cool stuff in the soybean wax to see whether these candles could also be used on skin. Surprise! It totally could. Colin and his partner Nicole then spread the good news (and products) to South Africa. YAY!

It's now been eight years since Soylites launched in South Africa, and although they're exporting to international markets, they're still committed to a local buzz, with all their ingredients and packaging being 'locally-sourced where possible'

There are loads of types of candles, perfect for your homefor your nookie, and for your travels. You can put them all on your gorgeous bod. Give them a peruse and let me know which are your favourites. I'm pretty stoked with the travel sets - they make really nice additions to lonely hotel rooms

So, we know their candles are killer, but I'd like to take some to chat about their other treats. Soylites also do straight-up body balms, bars and oils, no candle-burning necessary. Then they also have a frankincense hydrosol that promises to help tone your skin and go to town on your wrinkles and blemishes. And lastly, they've recently released some eco-friendly, non-toxic crayons for little ones to enjoy. They're called 'Rainbow Rocks'. How cute?

If you're looking to increase your Soylites action you can get them on their website, Facebook, and Pinterest. Stalk away, my pretties. Also, let me know in the comments if you're going to give Soylites a chance to shape your best body-nurturing life. I love hearing from you - and I love that we're taking comment sections back from assholes the world-over.

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