Welcome back, guys. 

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to another ally, the fifth one in the series, and the first one ever to feature food. Which, by the way, shows unprecedented restraint from my side, as eating and thinking about food takes up a significant portion of my day-to-day activities.  So, let's right some wrongs. 

Moonshadow Vegan Deli is a dedicated vegan kitchen in the Western Cape town of Swellendam.


It's run by a remarkable woman with a passion for vegansim, and life.

This lovely, kooky vegan queen sent me a box of goodies to try out, including her two hot saucesDevil's Advocate, and Witch's Revenge.

G and I wasted little time making and photographing the food you see here. We wasted even less time eating it. 

My love of chili has been with me since my early teens. My mother always loved hot food, and so some of my earliest memories are of my mom asking for extra chili on the side. Chili was and is her thing, and now it's my thing, too.

Since honing my craft from that young age, I can now really only rely on two sources for chili that's too much for me - Borruso's on days when the chef is a bit heavy-handed with the bird's eye, and my own kitchen, when I've grown too big for my pleather boots. 

Otherwise, I'm a pretty tough cookie, and I like to think I know my chili sauce well enough, thank you very much. So, I was super happy to have been given the chance to test out some of South Africa's finest, locally-made, and vegan-celebrating chili sauces. 

Moonshadow's sauces come in two flavours, hot (Devil's Advocate), and mild (Witch's Revenge). One day Moonshadow will have to tell us how they chose which of those as hotter than the other, and whether they'd accept our idea for a third, medium-heat sauce, 'Vegan's Scorn'.

The sauces are both free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives, relying on natural ingredients to deliver 'vegan goodness with a bite', as  Moonshadow's website says. 

G and I used the sauces with our weekly cheat meal of Fry's chicken-style burgers, and fries. Here are a few quick, vegan recipes to use to make your own take-out-esque dinners, for days when you couldn't be arsed. 

That said, the sauces as well Fry's can be used to make delicious, nutritious gourmet meals, too. Just take a look at these recipes.

 Meat-free lanieres de poulet, anyone? And you can use the Moonshadow sauces in your pasta, to give an arrabbiata or pomodoro sauce a little extra kick. Easy enough.

What you see in these pictures, then, is not a lack of resources, but the result of combining laziness, temptation, and G's unending journey to perfecting a  vegan, KFC-like burger.

(If you're interested on that front, he finally did it around two weeks ago through a Moonshadow, Fry's, and B-Well concoction. Our home has happily never been the same since, although it's stayed KFC-free.)


If you're a vegan looking to make your own burgers at home, or anything at home, really, I highly suggest you give Fry's a try, and Pinterest a download. It's got loads of good, tried-and-tested recipes, and I find it to be the most positive addition to my life as far as social media goes. 

Ditto for others who want to go meat-free for Green Mondays, or anyone else who wants to see what the fuss is all about. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest burger recipes. 

Vegan Lentil Burger

Black Bean Burger

Fifty Monster Burgers

The Ultimate (Beetroot) Veggie Burger 

Did you notice that not one of them mentioned a mushroom? What is it with restaurants and mushroom burgers?

Apart from having a wide range of salads with only a single one coming straight-up without meat, a mushroom burger is the next best thing a restaurant can do to a sign that says 'Look, honestly, we couldn't care less.' 

If your local burger joint doesn't cater for you, don't fret. Fry's and Pinterest have your back. And Moonshadow's ready in the wings to take your tasty up a notch or three. 

What are your favourite vegan burger recipes? Let me know in the comments. Give Moonshadow a browse -they've got a bunch more vegan goodies in their arsenal, and they're all made by a super awesome Swellendam hero. 

You can also find Moonshadow on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on their blog. Go spread the love. 

Until next time, bon appetit. 

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