Hello dear bandits and cotton tails,

I'm back from rainy, intense London, and although I already miss the sights, sounds, and smells, I'm happy to find solace in my lovely partner, G, and our very fat cat. 

He does look a bit thinner since I last saw him - the cat, that is. We've had him on an intense diet regime for a bit over a year now, trying new things when he maintains, as he always does, his hefty physique despite the effort. We're not quite ready to give up on a lite version of Ninja (not my name choice - I happen to think he better suits both 'Butch' and 'Stanley'), but there is a taint of resignation that's entered the house. Probably through Ninja's slipstream as he s-q-u-e-e-z-e-s himself in and out of the latched front door. Bless him, as my Brit family would say. 

Today's 'Ally' post is focused on a brand and team that is close to my heart. As an online organic retailer, I've been using Faithful to Nature since around October last year, when I began to take natural makeup and skincare more seriously. Their wonderful treasures and wares became a kind of obsession for me, and I can still often be found having a languid browse through their new stock

I'm really excited to work with these industry leaders, and I think we've come up with a fun way to collaborate. Every so often, Faithful will be sending me a box of samples to unwrap and share with you. I've said before that I love samples, and Faithful are big on sample culture! You get some with every purchase, and you decide whether you'd like to try out products for your hair, skin, baby, or home. 

Why the extreme love for samples, you ask?Well, a couple of reasons. One, samples obviously let you try out goodies you're interested in but not sold on, and two, samples always make me feel spoiled.

When I had my first overseas trip at fifteen, I came across Sephora, a massive and well-known beauty outlet in Paris and in the States, I believe.

 It was the first time I had ever seen so much makeup in one place, and it was awesome. I spent more money than any girl that age should have access to, and I spent it on all sorts of weird and wonderful treats. One thing I clearly remember buying was a bright blue mascara from Dior's show line, probably a first for the small South African town I returned home to. 

Before leaving Sephora, the sales assistant opened a drawer on her side of the counter, grabbed a handful of mini-sized beauty products, and threw them in my bag. Samples, baby! Sephora, Paris, makeup, youth - none had felt quite as special as they did in that moment. 

2. African Organics Body Wash

Kalahari Melon for your hot bod. I took this honey with me to London - a bit of Africa in the grey, UK evening. 

3. Universal Vision Himalayan Salt Bath Crystals

When I had come back from my op, and I got tired of the way the doctor's prescribed potassium made my hair turn copper, I used these fellas instead. Pinky, salty, goodness. 

4. Acorelle Natural Eau de Parfum

Organic scents from the land of perfume masters, France. Not tested on fluffy friends.

5. Organic Machine Castile Soap

No-nasties, natural liquid soap made from earth-friendly oils like olive, castor, and coconut. 

Flash forward a few years in South Africa, and the first beauty subscription box was launched, to my mild disappointment. Essentially a box of samples, subscription services meant, to me, paying for what makes life sweeter because its free. I lost my interest in the local beauty scene around then. A teensy bit of the magic had gone. 

But Faithful saved me from a life devoid of sample-sized loves! And these samples are often natural and cruelty-free to boot. If you're looking for a place to do your earth-friendly shopping, give them a try. I've been a fan of Faithful since before I even began Toofufu, so I feel confident telling you that their service is tip-top, and their range extensive. They also often have sales and offers, as well as some pretty groovy stuff on their blog - it's worth having them in your inbox. Plus, sign up for their newsletter on the Faithful blog, and you'll get a R100 voucher to use on your first shop. Bonus!

Also, vegans rejoice! Most of Faithful's catalog comes with a handy vegan certification marker, and you can easily see what is and isn't for you. Ditto for those interested in organic products, and those committed to buying local. 

Without further ado, let's take look at the samples sent to me by Faithful for our first-ever unboxing. 

1. Skin Creamery Everyday All Over Cream

This handy (leggy, facey - everywherey) cream is made up of baobab, jojoba, and coconut oils, and comes in gorgeous packaging. 

6. Natural Lab Body Wash, and Natural Lab SPF30 Face Cream

Fresh-smelling goodness without artificial colourants or fragrances. Proudly South African, too. 

7. Lanolab Skin Repair Cream with Paw Paw

A broad-spectrum fixer, you can use the Lanolab cream to help with a big bunch of skin ailments. 

8. Beautiful Earth Body Lotion

Natural, vegan. and free from anything that makes main street body lotions a no-no, Beautiful Earth also has a big range of baby products. 

9. The Victorian Garden Mango and Vanilla Exfoliating Body Scrub

Toofufu is already a fan of The Victorian Garden, and they featured as the first in our series of allies. Take a look here

10. Mbiri Hydrating Body Lotion

A locally-made lotion that features organic, fair-trade, and cruelty-free ingredients. 

If you want to keep in touch with Faithful (and who the hell would blame ya?), check them out on twitter, instagram, pinterest, and facebook. If you have any questions about their products or around delivery, I know they'll be happy to help. 

Until the next post, sweet things. It's been real. 


11. Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Cream

I use Dr Haushka's makeup, and so I look forward to giving this sachet a shot. I think at this point I must be the world's best-moisturised blogger. 

12. The Hungry Herbivore Cheese and Onion Coconut Chips

You don't need to give up crisps just because you're vegan. Hungry Herbivore's got your back, no milk proteins included!

13. By Nature Roasted and Salted Pistachios

I've never actually had pistachio nuts before, preferring them in my nice cream. That said, show me an allergen-free vegan that hates nuts and I'll show you a liar. 

And that concludes our first Faithful to Nature and Toofufu unboxing. What did you think of it? Let me know what your favourites were in the comments below, and whether you're o fay with Faithful, or a Nature newbie. 

Disclaimer: The brand and products featured in this post were sent to Toofufu at the brand's expense, knowing it would result in coverage like this post. Toofufu does not offer reviews on the 'Ally' series, for more info, see our mission statement. Feel free to email questions to