Hiya, babes!

This is a haul we did near the end of last year and just didn't find the time to upload. Cause I'm so famous and busy and amazing. Or, more likely, because I was struggling to make it one week without crying in public/eating fried food/skipping out on gym four days in a row. New year, new beginnings and all that.

So, here it is! You might wonder why there aren't any more pictures. That's a good question. The answer is that my computer broke and took all of my images with it, something I realise now while typing this on my snazzy new computer (yay!). I guess this blog post is less a haul post and more a written account of how I slowly shrugged off the last remnants of sanity and succumbed to box after box of oreos. Cool.

Anyway. I've been using The Body Shop for a while now - maybe a year - and I'm super chuffed with them. They're a cruelty-free brand endorsed by the Beauty Without Cruelty team - who, as I learnt listening to Fat Mascara, have some super strict guidelines for anyone wanting their fluffy nod of approval. I know they've been called out for green washing after their acquisition by L'Oreal, but in South Africa, The Body Shop is actually owned by the Clicks group. Clicks do have an informal stance against animal testing, have decided not to test their 'private label products (their own label, Clicks) on animals'. It's not a blood oath and they still don't embody all the values The Body Shop is supposed to espouse, but they clearly are taking some sort of stand.

Interestingly, L'Oreal have released statements on their platform addressing animal welfare, and they declare that they don't conduct any animal testing 'anywhere in the world' and don't 'delegate this task to others'.  They have said they'll conduct animal tests when required by law (a situation they have called 'very rare'), and have also called the required testing on animals by China when products enter their market 'unnecessary' but not preventable.

Then,  L'Oreal are apparently 'working in close collaboration' with China's authorities to find and introduce alternative methods of testing. Now it may seem to us dubious that it would take so long for this collaboration to make effective change, but as Kim Paschen from BWC said to the women from Fat Mascara, China's regulations frequently alter to interrupt measures companies make to remove their need to have this mandatory testing done. 

I'm not calling L'Oreal the last word in their own ethical assessments, but I do think the situation is more complex than some of us would like to believe, and I don't see ignorance getting us any closer to an animal utopia. Anyway. Moving on after the image.

I got these three babes on one of their three-for-two sales (don't reckon I've ever bought a full-price item there). They are the Down to Earth Eye Shadow Glow Palette, the All-In-One Face Base, and the Baked-To-Last Bronzer. 

The palette is part of their 'cut-out-and-paste' eye shadow collection. A kind of DIY palette thing. I'm not that into it to be honest - eye shadows have always seemed a bit too delicate to invite that kind of tampering. But that's just me - let me know in the comments if you're brave AF and have made some fun collections for yourself with this method. A cool thing about this palette is that the colours can be used wet or dry - cool, huh?

The base is my go-to most days I don't feel like using a foundation. You'd think it was too dry, but if you pair it with a good makeup mist (like this one from Me&Youththis one from The Victorian Garden, or this one from Lulu&Marula), it's got you covered. If you know what I mean. 

Then there's the bronzer. Ah, bronzers. I'm terrible with them. I always buy one and then it sits in my makeup stand for months, cakes over then dies. I know I'm probably making a huge mistake, like that time throughout high school when I though blusher was optional (OMG), but it still feels like an unnecessary chore every time. 

Maybe it's 'cause I find the mica a bit irritating on my skin. Look, I'm sure it will grow on me as I age and become wise and sage-like or, you know, find yet another bronzer. But I won't advise waiting with bated breath. All of this was a round-about way of saying I haven't given the bronzer a good go - as of yet, or forever. Who knows what the the future holds?

Well, thanks for joining me. To all my  biographers reading this in the distant future, you are correct in pointing to this post as a foreshadowing of the slow decline into what some of you will kindly call 'eccentricity'. Bless your little hearts. To everyone else, ciao, bella!