Well, well, well. 

Hello. How've ya been, babe? I'm gravy and trying to keep my cool after a mixed-bag weekend. G hosted a live stream on Friday, and let's just say, it put me WELL off of Youtube for the time being. My god - the comments. You won't believe the words I had to block.

LITERALLY WHY SPEND YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT LOGGING ON TO YOUTUBE JUST TO BE AN ASSHOLE? Like, can everyone religious please pray for these people? Can the rest of us send out good vibes in hopes that they ricochet some semblance of self-respect and goodness at these trying people?

So, I have my period. If you can tell. But more on that later. On Saturday morning we went to Clifton 4th so we could show off the confused body types we've modeled through a combination of intense daily exercise and (actual) dozens of Rumsy's Noose donuts. As my cellulite struggled to know whether it was coming or going on my ass, the rest of me delighted in an Stand Up Paddling (SUP) session with G over the Clifton 4th kelp forest. 

Oh my damn, you guys. It was gorgeous. Big ol' kelp 'trees' with their roots thirty meters down in water clear AF.  I soon realised that I could live my best Bali life right there in Clifton. If I somehow learnt not to hate the cold Atlantic Ocean. How the hell do Cape Town natives do it?Like? Or is my body in special protest after spending twenty or so years minutes away from the warm Indian Ocean? Anyway. 

We enjoyed ourselves a little too much at the beach, which we realised after coming home from watching Finding Nemo at the Galileo Open Air Cinema ,when G took off his clothes to shower. Now, I've seen sunburn. I once got burnt so bad my face blistered for weeks and my eyes were perma-wet from pain and irritation. But that was a long time ago, and seeing G's skin the bright red that it was made me go a little speechless. Like, when you're trying to be nice and down-play stuff but your face wants to keep you honest? Yeah. 

G had a super bad reaction and had to be nursed for most of Sunday, which meant missing the last Camphill Market and the St Luke's Hospice tree-lighting ceremony, but it was worth it to see him much better today. Poor guy. 

K, on that note, let's get to the matter at hand. My pick of LUSH favourites, their dupes, and DIY stand-ins for honey's on a shoestring. 


Hands-down the best highlighter I've ever used, Feeling Younger is a product that will get even introverts excited about going out to show it off. Although its opaque tint won't look as subtle on dark skin as it does on light skin, men and women of all complexions can rock this Tinkerbell must-have. But if you're still concerned bout how its cold tones will look on your skin, Charisma is a perfect alternative. 


From chilled-as-chips brand, Essence, comes a handy cream-to-powder highlighter 'Soo Glow!'. At under R60 for a hard-working product made without animal-testing, and in compliance with EU regulations (no slave labour to go with your low price, then), Soo Glow! is a wonderful dupe for peeps who don't mind skipping natural. 

RUB, RUB, RUB (R185 for 330g)

The salty scrub that started my love affair with LUSH two years ago when G's mom bought me some for Christmas. How sweet? I an't always justify buying this beauty kween, 'cause it's got some cheaper alternatives, but every time I spring for it I never regret it. 


That said, inclined to spend or not, you might not have the cash either way. This DIY dupe from Youtuber Ashlelayy is a super great, and super quick substitute.  Grab your DIY ingredients from Essentially Natural

THE OLIVE BRANCH (R175 for 250g)

I first got whiff of this gorg scent when my brother bought it for me as a gift. It's the first shower gel to convince G that gels may be as good as soap (a rather tepid battle has been fought since the start of our relationship), and it's as good before bed as it is first thing in the morning. 


Have olive oil, will The Olive Branch. Mix some olive oil with a few drops of mandarin essential oil, give the lot a good shake, and use as a moisturising body cleanser. Just be careful in the shower with that oil - slipping is a stark reality. 


I've said before that LUSH's Emotional Brilliance range is multipurpose, making it great value for a beauty treat that you could potentially wear on your lips, cheeks, and eyes at the same time.


Then again, we're not all blessed with enough dough to play around and get the most out of a given shade. Like, realistically where is it okay to wear silver lipstick? Sure, you could stick to nude shades, but sometimes we need to keep things a little more loosey goosey. Try these metallic shades from Essence at R60 a pop. Not bad, right?

CUP O'COFFEE (R160 FOR 150g)

Who doesn't like the smell of coffee? Psychopaths. And my very good friend, Carol, who is not, to my knowledge, a psychopath. She is a yoga instructor though, so hit up her classes if you're in Cape Town

Right, so, back to coffee. I love this face mask for the radiant glow it leaves on my skin when it's washed off. Nothing beats it. Except maybe this DIY:


This recipe from Youtuber, MamaMittens, is a good-enough-to-eat replacement that you can make with items in your kitchen right now. If you're vegan, sub the milk for a non-dairy alternative, and give the honey a skip and go nuts with agave instead. Just be sure to be gentle with this scrub on your face - like any exfoliator, going too rough can be irritating and cause some inflammation. 

SNOWCASTLE (R54.50 for 100g)

Babes this is currently my favourite soap. Okay, it's my favourite soap ever. It smells divine, makes my bathroom smell like a slice of heaven, and leaves my skin soft and pretty. I'm sitting on 350g so that I have something to help me get over the pain of losing this guy after the Christmas editions take their solemn leave.


Plain and simple, there isn't one. At R54.50 per a small bar, this might look expensive, but it's a lovely skin treat that smells AMAZING. If you were looking for permission to spoil yourself, consider it given. The best fifty bucks you've ever spent. Unless you buy like, R50's worth of electricity, or water, or whatever - those seem more important. But like, this soap is the most important non-important thing you'll ever buy for yourself or a very lucky friend. 

Let me know if I've left any out - and if you've got a killer DIY or dupe you think I'd enjoy. Sharing is caring, bitches. K, love you guys. Byeeeee.