Listen, you guys.

Vegan donuts are one hundred percent magic. I know we're all on the #cleaneating buzz, and I know squats are painful, but if there's something that can come between me and a good vegan dessert, I certainly haven't met it yet.

Which is why when I saw that Rumsy's Noose was doing their vegan thing, I got all kinds of excited. G and I could never justify buying the minimum order (box of twelve) for just the two of us (although we tried, believe me),  so it took a while before we placed an actual order. Then the hosting mood struck me and we invited a bunch of good friends over to chow on gatsby's, Coke Zero, and plant-based heaven from Rumsy's Noose. Hello, treadmill. 

For real fam? Rumsy's donuts were worth every calorie. Started by a young couple based in Cape Town, Rumsy's is still a fledgling bakery, but it's got the makings of something big. If you want to get your mouth involved, pop an email to for a price list and this week's flavours. Cardamom and pistachio looked hella interesting, but in the end we played it safe with s'mores, and cookies-and-cream. Y.U.M. YUM!

Coolio and the gang, kids. Catch you later!

Ps. My hand looks like the birthplace of the T-Virus 'cause I had a bunch of lily pollen fall on it as I was clearing out an old bunch from a vase. It took forever to get out of my skin, like wtf? That said, besides the bright yellow tinge that was reminiscent of jaundice, the freckle-look-alikes were actually pretty cute. SO NOW I'M SAD I CAN'T BE POLLEN 24/7.