Holla, babes,

By now you've probably heard about toofufu's yogathon in partnership with Camphill Village, West Coast. If not, where the hell have ya been, yo? No, for real, we're not nearly that prolific. But we are really cool. Which is why we're having said yogathon. You should come!

It all goes down this coming Sunday (27th November), from 1-4pm. And no, you don't have to work it that whole time. You can drop in and drop out whenever ya'll want. And did we mention there'd be prizes? Yup, baller ones. Like this Treemendus shampoo, body lotion, and handwash set from our new ally, SOiL Organic Aromatherapy.

So, what's so good about SOiL? Basically everything about them. Based locally on the East Coast of South Africa (in Kwa-Zulu Natal), SOiL are a beauty, and aromatherapy business that are certified organic by ECOCERT. Part of this means that there are no pesticides or artificial fertilisers used in production, some of which are well-documented as being harmful to soil biodiversity. SOiL loves soil, geddit?

And they also love DIY, which they prove by farming and distilling many of the herbs used in their (hella extensive) aromatherapy range themselves.  Neat, huh? Plus they have their own nursery so they can make extra sure that their seeds are organic (I know, I know),  and then there's their attitude of community development. Guys, could you take a break? You're making everyone look bad. 

High-five, SOiL. Want to get your hands on some of this somethin' somethin'? Get your new beauty favourites directly from their website. Free delivery on orders over R300. YAAAS!  You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and stand a chance to win the set above at our yogathon. We hope to see you there!

K, baai!

Disclaimer: The brand and products featured in this post were sent to Toofufu at the brand's expense, knowing it would result in coverage like this post. Toofufu does not offer reviews on the 'Ally' series, for more info, see our mission statement. Feel free to email questions to hello@toofufu.com.