'Sup, you guys?!

Notice anything different, huh? Huh? Huh? *Wiggles eyebrows more than any human should ever be capable of* It's the blog, babes. It got a maaaaaakeover! Looks pretty nifty if ya'll ask me. 

So, today we're talking highlighters. Cruelty-free highlighters to be exact. I searched far and wide for these beauties, and now they're going to battle it out for the belt. Categories include 1) ease of use, 2) shine, 3) tint, 4) accessibility, and 5) staying power. Let's meet our contestants.


This is the most recent edition to my strobe-friendly collection. Made with oats, orange flower hydrosol, almond oil, and coco butter, this bright bestie is a natural skincare royalty. 

  •  Ease of use: Got fingers? Ta-da, you can use 'Feeling Younger' with ease!
  • Shine: Boo, your cheekbones are going to pop. Plus, a little goes a long way. Like, very little, and super long.
  • Tint: Although it looks as if this pot of pretty is made for lighter skin tones, you're still going to get a gorgeous strobe effect if you're rocking mocha and coffee shades. 
  • Accessibility: At R185 for a tub that's going to last you until expiry, 'Feeling Younger' is a good option for organic beauty fiends on a budget. 
  • Staying power: You leave home looking like a supernova, you come back just the same. This guy even withstood some of my more enthusiastic makeup-setting sprays - amazing for a cream!
  • Bonus: A tight lid means this must-have isn't going to beef with your makeup organiser or handbag. 


This pink friend was sent to me by Zao for an Ally' post. As in, I didn't buy it myself. I'm gonna remain as impartial as I can, but just so you know. You know? Right, so, Shine-Up is a great all-over eco-gem. Certified by Ecocert, Zao also use bamboo for their product housing. Although we're not sure that their ingredients (like mica, in this case) come from fair-trade sources.

  •  Ease of use: You'll need a good brush to work Shine-Up's magic. Try one like this that you can get here.
  • Shine: A pink sheer, Shine-Up works well but needs a few layers to really light up the room .
  • Tint: Blush tones work well on lighter skins and double-up as a rouge (ooh, fancy lady vibes). Darker skin tones are going to get a sheen, but Zao need to think about getting a terracotta version of this beauty goodie.
  • Accessibility: This is where Zao's efforts fall a little flat. Getting them anywhere in South Africa is going to be tough as the one site that was selling them seems to be under maintenance
  • Staying power: This shiny, shiny is in it for the long haul, but does feel a bit heavy on your skin.
  • Bonus: In some areas, Zao's makeup range is refillable. Very eco-chic, you guys.


How cute is this pup? A highlighter and bronzer combined, the 'Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome' is a good summer go-to, and forms part of The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Range.

  •  Ease of use: This strobe stick is quickly applied direct onto the skin. Creamy texture for the win.
  • Shine: Enough to give you a glow, but you'll need to layer it if you're wearing it out past sunset.
  • Tint: A  warm hue for lighter skin shades, but thankfully The Body Shop have two other colours available. 
  • Accessibility: This itty bitty bella isn't the best value for money. After a few applications your tub will be noticeably diminished. Not the best investment for your R195.
  • Staying power: This bronzer's got your back the whole night, if you keep your hands away from your gorgeous face.
  • Bonus: So small it won't take up any space in an already-too-full makeup bag. 

lily lolo 'mineral shimmer'

I got this shimmy from The Detox Market in Los Angeles earlier this year. Damn I miss that place. Well, places. They're both pretty awesome. And so is this guy!

  •  Ease of use: ZOMG. Please can everyone using this damn perforated opening crap just stop?! I feel like you're definitely overestimating your client's intelligence/patience. No. I lose a bunch with every attempted application.
  • Shine: You'll be a diamond, baby.
  • Tint: On the light side and heavy on the powder, darker makeup addicts will need to blend well. There aren't any other shades, so that sucks. But they do have a darker shade in their illuminator. 
  • Accessibility: $18 dollars, R25 000, and fifteen flight-hours later, maybe not the most accessible product on the list. 
  • Staying power: When it's on, it's on
  • Bonus: If you're in the UK, you can hit up their website for cheapish samples.

The verdict

If you're into creams, and really, even if you're not, 'Feeling Younger' by LUSH takes the ice cream cake. Long-lasting, affordable, and ready for use on sensitive skins - yay! That said, all four of these highlighters can hold their own. So, everyone get's the Miss Congeniality title. Double yay! Yay, yay! If you're new to strobing, you might want to take a look at my blog post how-to. Let me know in the comments below if you dug the post, and whether you've tried anything on the list. I love hearing from you!