Hello, sailor. 

How are you doing? Today I'm writing about mine and G's trip to Cape Town's new vegan eatery, The Hungry Herbivore. After Hungry disappeared from their regular spot at the Waterfront market, I started to try grow accustomed to a life without their salted caramel cheesecake. Would I survive? Very likely. Would there forever be a salted-caramel-cheescake-shaped hole in my life? Without a doubt. 

But then I found a flicker of hope on a friend's Instagram feed (a friend well-worth a follow, by the by). Could it be? Is that vegan pizza? Is, is that from..The Hungry Herbivore? Grant and I descended on the CBD with speed and senselessness - pizza in our hearts, waffles on our minds.  

We were greeted with a pretty bangin' shop front, nestled between two spots on Orphan Street. Inside were beautiful, understated but refined interiors that told me two things: 1) This was perhaps not the best space to use for work (small tables, few plug points), and 2) That I should perhaps have bothered with a comb and a bit of mascara that day.

The latter is a thought I have fairly often though, so no worries. In any case, we weren't to be deterred. After a round of almond milk flat whites, Grant ordered The Hungry Herbivore's breakfast ('toast of choice, crispy seitan bacon, tofu scramble with peppers, oniona, and spinach, sautéed garlic mushrooms and roasted tomatoes), and I got the 'cultured coconut yogurt parfait with housemade toasted granola and seasonal fruit topped with THH salted caramel coconut flakes and organic rice syrup'. Both were hella yum, in my esteemed opinion. 

Later we got some protein shakes ('15g pea protein, peanut butter, banana, almond milk, dates'), a waffle with berries (and 'sugar-free vanilla coconut ice cream and dark chocolate drizzles'), a margherita ('tomato base, almond mozerlla, italian herbs) with 'marinated bbq seitan', and a 'raw chocolate cupcake with a creamy cashew centre'.  Not much then, eh? All in the name of research, eh?

Well, we were suitably grateful for our day and its new vegan finds, and were super-impressed with Hungry's baller food line-up. Check out the full menu here, and when you're next near Cape Town, be sure to drop by!

Hit up The Hungry Herbivore on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and through their website

Have you visited this little slice of vegan heaven yet? Let me know what you ate in the comments below. But like, pretend that doesn't sound as creepy as it came across.