'Sup, fam?

How ya'll doing? I went to Swellendam this past weekend for what one of my friends called a 'bae-cation', which is one-up from 'DWA' (dirty weekend away), so I chose to stick with it. if you haven't heard of it, Swellendam is a tiny (but growing) town in the Western Cape, about two and a half hours from our home in Cape Town. 

I'd wanted to go back there since we first visited a little over a year ago - when a family reunion came to an abrupt ending because of Grant's spider phobia. I shit you not. So, when Grant and I decided to do something for our three-year anniversary I thought it was time to head back to the countryside. Which, looking back, does seem like an act of maniacal revenge on Grant, but I should stipulate that I was meticulous in my hunt for accommodation - no disused fire places, no thatched roofs or water tanks. Our baecation was decidedly spider-free. 

We ended up staying at Braeside Guesthouse, and it proved itself an amazing spot for one-on-one time with a coop of the world's cutest-ever chickens. You guys, these little balls of fluff would run towards your outstretched hand, their bodies teetering from side to side penguin-style, feathers puffed up and looking beautiful. They were a definite highlight. We highly recommend. 

Above is part of my haul from Rain Spa's franchise in Swellendam's city centre. They've got a baller factory shop above the main area stocked with older and imperfect products that'll still make your skin's day. If you haven't heard of Rain Spa, do check them out. Their range is full of wild-harvested ingredients, and their spa treatments are well worth their price tag. They've also got some soap-making tutorial vids, should you partake. 

I got a few soaps, a couple of pumice stones, a bunch of pretty ceramics (some of which were made by the adjoining Mud Studio), a lovely linen apron to use when I'm playing with a beauty recipe, and a brush and cosmetics travel kit (not pictured). All for around R700 - a damn good haul, if I do say so myself. 

Right, well, that's it from me.  You can have a look at some holiday snaps below. Stay tuned for a post on the perfect date-night look - baecation inspired, for sure.