Bonjour, babes.

Spring is almost done and that means the season of smudged mascara, dripping foundation, and sand-peppered hair is upon us. Today, I'm here to guide you through this tumultuous time - a time when your face decides not to be a face anymore, and instead does its best impression of a used gym towel. 

Helping me to do this is the next ally in our series, Beaucience. Named after its science-first principles, this cruelty-free local is just right for the job. That's 'cause these cool kids promise anti-aging ingredients in all their products - useful when we're talking longer days of sun exposure, non? 

Let's get kicking, shall we? I've divided the guide into 'dry', 'oily', and 'combination' skin types. Take a look under your best fit for some summer skincare tips, and pop me a mail at if you're unsure of anything, or need some extra info. I'm all ears, baby! Also, before we begin proper - a note on sun protection, and your eyes. 

sunnah. protectionah. it's a thing.

Look. I'm the first person to say I love the sun, but darling, the sun don't love me back. Actually, the sun is kinda like a bad lover. Addictive? Sure. Damaging? Yup. Likely to show up in you Facebook feed at the worst times looking tan and unreasonably happy for someone with that much baggage? Whatever, you get the point. The sun isn't your friend. 

But unlike your ex, it can be. If you wise-up about sun protection. It doesn't matter if your skin is as dark as ebony, or as white as snow, you need to wear sunblock. Every day. Especially in summer. The idea that sun protection is for lighter complexions only can put a lot of people in harm's way of UV-damage (skin cancer, hello). It also doesn't matter if you're wearing a burka - the sun can reach through clothes. 

The solution? Get a broad-spectrum SPF to use daily on all your bits. On your pretty face, you could also use makeup with a built-in SPF (like that from The Body Shop), or make sure your moisturiser comes packed with skin-shielding goodness, like Beaucience's SPF15 Moisturising Day Cream. Check out below for more sun protection tips to suit your skin type. 

watching out for your eyes is for everybodaayyyy

The skin around your eyes is thin no matter your skin type. It's why so many facial products (including moisturisers) say to be careful around that area. After the age of twenty-five, it's time you put on some adult pants and get your eyes their own moisturiser. One that won't weigh them down. But there I go on about my ex again.

Don't know where to start? Try out this Eye Resque Gel from Beaucience's Botanicals range.

~*DRY AF*~

If you're not blessed with the tropical paradise setting all aspiring Instagram stars are dying for, your skin might be experiencing the ill effects of dry heat. Couple that with exposure to the sun that depletes our skin's natural oils, and you've got yourself some dry-ass skin. 

Don't worry, fam. I got you. 

1) Ease up on the hot showers, there. 

It's a weird thing, but sometimes taking a hot shower after a long day on the beach can feel good, right? Sadly, this heat habit means drier skin. Stick with quick, luke-warm showers. I know it's not fun but hey, it's summer - it's the most tolerable it's ever going to be. Better get used it now than in winter. Extra points for pairing your shower party with a soap-free moisturising shower gel, like the one from Beaucience's Botanicals range

2) Grab a thick moisturiser. 

Your skin still feel tight after applying moisturiser? It probably isn't giving you enough oomph. Choose a thicker variety. Generally speaking, creams are thicker than gels, and night creams are more nourishing than those made to be worn during the day. Check out Beaucience's Night Nourishing Cream in the Natural range, if your day cream isn't hitting the spot. As with night creams, just remember to wear sunblock over your moisturiser if it doesn't have it built in. You'll also have to account for how well your moisturiser is going to work with your makeup, so play around with consistencies and try go make-up free more often. It's liberating as hell. Like, YES, this is a period zit everybody! Take a good look, I got nothing to hide!

3) While you're at it, get a hydrating mask. 

Everyone is all about the mask, right now. It's a kick-ass way to tell the universe you're about to have some me-time, don't mind if you do. Avoid clay masks unless you plan on following it up with one for moisturising, or choose yourself a mask that can do both. Beaucience rocks a Kaolin and vegetable oils Masque in their Botanicals range.

4) Say 'no' to alcohol. 

Not necessarily the kind you drink (personally I wouldn't get through family holidays without a gin in hand on rotation). But in your sunblock - yes. Sun protection that comes in a spray bottle, and those in the form of gels, often contain higher concentrations of alcohol than rubbing lotions. And while that's not bad in itself, this alcohol can further dry out your skin. So, avoid. 


No, I'm kidding. Having combination skin can suck. It's like your skin is perma-stuck in that gap year phase after high school and it's just trying figure life out but failing. It's gonna be okay, okay?

1. Use a light moisturiser on your oily parts, and a thicker one for dry bits.

If your combination skin means you're lubed-up in your T-zone, but dry on your cheeks, use a creamy moisturiser on the parts that need it most, and a more-chilled out gel on your forehead, nose, and chin. Also, while the info on the right sunblock for your skin type is scant, it seems (to me) to be a good idea to keep your SPF-buddy light. Incorporate it into your moisturiser for extra convenience. 

2. Rock a toner. 

There it is. The breakout. When your skin's sporting some spots, use a mild astringent toner on your T-zone and follow it up with a light moisturiser. 

3. I know this is unfair, but follow the tips for oily skin.

During summer, combination skin tends to become oily. So, skin tips for oily skin also apply to little ol' you. That said, this dry/oily combo also manifests in its own unique ways. 'Cause of this, you'll need to use products formulated for different kinds of skin types, on the places on your face that they're made for. Like Paula Choice says, oil absorbing products can be a huge no-no for your drier areas, but good for the oily ones. Don't be afraid to tinker. 


Guilty as charged. This is my skin all the time, year-round. Even in the dry winters here, a heavy skincare routine is a one-stop-shop for breakout hell. In summer, all the extra sweat clogs my pores even more than in other times of the year, and the sun, along with air conditioners, dehydrates my skin which amps up my sebum production. MORE OF THIS CLOGGED PORES BS. Does this sound like you? Sorry. That sucks. Here's how to make it suck less.

1. Daytime? Skip your moisturiser and apply a non-occlusive sunblock instead.

Although dehydrated skin wants to be fed, using too much moisturiser might just end up filling your pores with junk it don't need. That can happen if you wear both a sunblock and a moisturiser. If you equip yourself with a skin-cuddling, non-greasy SPF, you can keep your moisturising routine for your evening routine.

2. Stop scrubbing your skin, and hold up on the harsh vibes. 

By now I'm pretty sure you know not to scrub your skin, but it deserves repeating here. When you go to town on your poor skin, all it knows to do is produce more sebum to account for the oils you're stripping away. This just means more oil. Keep things breezy with a soap-free gel cleanser, like this boo from the Beaucience Botanicals range.

3. Blot, blot, blot, blot, blot. 

I am all about the blot, people. I blot night and day. There's always a point in my day when the tip of my nose becomes obnoxiously visible to me, and that's when I know to bring out those blotting papers. I got mine from Sephora, but you can also get some from local online and brick-n-mortar spots (like Takelot , or Di-schem). 

4. Maybe don't wear makeup.

I know, I know. Like, when are you supposed to wear makeup if not when your face is oily as hell and your skin looks like several of Jupiter's moons? But bear with me. When the sun is out and about, your makeup melts. Into your pores. I like the good people at The Body Shop, but I don't want their makeup INSIDE my face. Keep your dolled-up face for special occasions, and let your face's freak flag fly free!

That's it from me, you guys. If you want to know more about Beaucience, you can get in touch with them through Facebook, and their website. I'll be doing an anti-aging skit with them soon, too, so keep an eye out, will ya? K, baai. 

Beaucience have sent Toofufu the products mentioned in the post and pictured here.  They have done so knowing it would likely result in shareable coverage, like this post. Please see Toofufu's mission statement for more information on allies.