Welcome to the TOOFUFU's second-ever giveaway, in collaboration with the epic online retailer, Essentially Natural.

Essentially Natural are my go-to for DIY beauty ingredients, and have been TOOFUFU's DIY recipe partner from day one, fam. If you haven't yet already, go check out their website, and take a look at some our past posts over here and here

And since Essentially and TOOFUFU were brought together through a love of all things self-made and lovely, we've put together an incredible DIY beauty starter kit to giveaway to TOOFUFU's readers.

The kit consists of avocado carrier oil, a body wash base, an orange blossom hydrosol, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils, two small bottles with pipettes, and some glorious dried jasmine. Everything you need to start your very own home apothecary. Plus a R100 voucher to spend at Essentially. I know, right? 

And guess what? We're giving away not one, but two of these cuties. Cue the screams. 

All you need to do to enter is sign up for Essentially's newsletter, and visit their website - which you can do through the widget below that keeps track of all of that for us.  You'll also be getting a sign-on voucher for doing that, so what have ya got to lose, babe?! 

If you really need to win this, check out the bonus entry mechs below.

Good luck, we're holding thumbs for you!